Thursday, 6 December 2012

Lush limited shampoo and conditioner

Hello all .So I can't believe I haven't blogged about my love for these . They are part of the new hair are range and I got these at the forum party and one from lushfest early summer .
So first off is fair trade honey shampoo
Heavily perfumed with orange blossom , and honey so sweet and strong it feels like its straight out the jar . Rose absolute , neroli,bergamot .
This is suitable for all hair types currently on my 2 nd bottle of both these. Leaves my hair perfumed all day long ,
Prices are a lot but only a little is needed at a time honest . Also it leaves no residue on the hair .
£23 .50, £ 14,£7.

Next up
Hapyhappyjoyjoy conditioner
Lovely creamy rich highly perfumed georgeous . Suitable for all hair types . A little goes a long way . No residue on hair . Make hair silky .has orange flower water , neroli , rose flower water, almond milk, jojoba,grapefruit , makes this a lovely conditioner all round or on special occasions .

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