Thursday, 30 May 2013

Glam Guru sub box from Israel.

hello everyone ,i decided that this month i would be travelling around the world sampling sub beauty first off is.                                 Glam Guru.
based in Israel it costs £19 including shipping to the UK find it here.
Glam Guru or made in Israel is a new box presently on box number 3.and if  this box is to go by they will be some great boxes coming over the following months.includes beauty products from Israel like AYA Natural,HALO ,Moroccan oil, and international brands like ORLY,Loccitaine,Lancaster,to name a few.contains 5 samples and 1 full size product.
black glam guru

 so here is my box it comes in a lovely black box with a bow on the flap lid.
box contents.

ELIN BIANCO ,hair mask
bunny friendly,


ORLY,synchro nail polish 5.3ml.
a lovely pink holo type shade.
ORLY synchro polish

Lancaster remodelling skin illuminator.
sorts out the skin tone and leaves the face re sculpted.instantly illuminates.
LANCASTER remodelling skin illuminator.

Lancaster  flash smoothing scrub.15ml.
crushed apricot kernels get to grips on the skin and cleans the skin up a treat.
LANCASTER flash smoothing scrub.

PAYOT.10ml.revitalising toner.
great travel size toner alcohol free.with wild rose .this is a very gentle toner on the skin but leaves the skin clean and refreshed.
PAYOT revitalising toner.

HALO,comfrey night time  face cream.15ml.
a slightly coloured skin cream .sinks in well.
HALO comfrey nighttime face cream,

KAVA KAVA  revolution 60 second hair mask.15ml.
or dry /damaged hair
contains kava kava,ginkgo biloba,rosemary,
this was like a film on the hair and went down to the hair shaft ,left hair shiny and manageable and very soft ,bunny friendly.
KAVA KAVA 60 second mask

AYA natural.bag.
5ml vanilla lip balm.olive oil rose soap,2 bunny friendly night cream sachets5ml. 1 face serum sachet 5ml.
vanilla lip balm

AYA natural face cream and serum.

AYA natural rose olive oil soap.
so a really lovely box of which i will get another box next month.and a better one than last months UK released boxes i feel.interested in this box will you buy one or do you already sub to this box what do you think.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Selfridges summer box

hello .yes its that time of year again and the summer box from Selfridges has been put up for preorder.
so today i managed to order my box and I'm looking forward to receiving this one.
for £25 you can't really go wrong for that price.and all full size or generous travel sizes and you know what is in the box before ordering.this box contains 9 beauty must haves making it an ultimate kit for beach or city.

summer box contents

aqua splash tangle teezer.£12.95
for use in shower ,bath,after swimming .
tangle teezer

models own neon nail polish,£5.00
a bright bubblegum neon polish from the models own brand collection.
models own neon bubblegum polish

bumble and bumble surf spray.50ml.£8.50
for those surf look hairstyles. just spray on damp hair and leave to dry.for that windswept look.

bumble and bumble surf spray 

molten brown aqua shower gel.100ml,£
blissful temple tree,smells of exotic flowers and ocean extracts.
molton brown shower gel

caudalie beauty elixir.30ml,£11.50
a citrus ,herbal spray ,cant wait to get try this out.
caudalie beauty elixir

st tropez instant glow face lotion,50ml,£15.00
a smooth easy to use lotion for use on the face for instant results.
st tropez glow face lotion

Jane Tran hair clips.£8.00
good old staple hair grips in a summer patten .
jane tran hair clips 

Erborian BB cream.12ml,£15.00
i love this brand and this cream is going to be used .it sinks in well and blends quickly on the skin.
erbarian BB cream

Lancaster after sun.40ml,£20
just saved me from buying any for my holiday .perfect size.
lancaster tan maximise

st tropez ultimate tan  in-store card.
free limited bag with any tan at the skin finishing studio in store book on line.
st tropez in store card

so with the prices i found for sizes i think it was good value to get .and if there are any left i would suggest you try one out.
what do you think of this box,like it ,dont like it ,have you brought it.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

fortune cookie soap order

so hello today i have a few items from my fortune cookie soap company.
i have got a few of these coming in a bigger order.
fortune cookie soap ,released there wizard collection at the end of april and it is spellbinding.
you can find fcs here .

sleekeasy solid shampoo bar ,$8.99
i love the solid shampoo bars they last longer than liquid ones but are also ideal for travelling.
the scent is lovely.gorgeous smell of sunripened blackberries and then earthy sage and chardonnay.
lathers well.
sls free,eviro friendly,safe on colour trated hair,cruelty free.
golden snitch bath bomb.$4.95.
pina colada eat your heart out ,full on pineapple and coconut with this beauty .ideal for summer..with being enhanced by sugary vanilla,freshly squeezed lemon juice,and orange and lime zest.
butterbeer body butter.$10.99
creamy buttery toffee with intoxicating rum,
very much like rum and raisin ice-cream.smooths into the skin really well.and the scent lingers for hours.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

may birchbox red carpet ready.

today my birch box arrived. the theme this month is
                                                     red carpet ready,
may brings sunshine,(not where i am).the glamour of Cannes film festival. get catwalk ready.
birchbox have go it covered the box includes skincare,nail polish,detox tea.
also included the birchbox magazine with lots of tips and tricks.
this month is also focusing on supporting fashion targets breast cancer.
you can find birchbox here to sub.

my box.i feel its a little lacking this month.

 lifestyle extra
kusmi tea.detox tea .
this healthy tea rids the body of toxins ,boosts energy and lowers stress levels .
a blend of loose tea with mate,green tea,with lemon,lemongrass.
Wei,Chinese rose foaming cleanser.
a gentle cleanser with vitamin C,clears pores,keeps oil at bay.Mandarin orange peel ,to clean the skin.
 BI ORGANICS HAIR THERAPYsalon secret elixir hair protecting oil.
used to soothe and tame flyaway hair.for picture perfect shots,

beauty extra.
 WEI pomegranate buffing beads,
add to your daily cleanser to buff away and purify your skin.and stop it looking tired.packed with pomegranate peel.

MURAD,hydro dynamic ultimate moisture for eyes.
science is at the heart of mural products,cleverly blended nutrients increases and maintains cellular hydration to the eye area.
OPI.nail lacquer,in white.
iconic nail brand paint between base coat and topcoat.
not a colour i would choose.
birchbox magazine.
all the monthly gossip ,tips,tricks,and product info.

Friday, 17 May 2013

souksouk little green beauty box of may.

so I've subbed to another box this month called souk souk.
souk souk is the little green beauty box,and with this comes the little green magazine,(abit like birch box magazine).and 5 little green beauty products.
all delivered to your door for £ here
if you like organic products,like nature,like chemical free ,you will love the little green box.

in the may box.
little green magazine.
good bits on animal testing law .raspberries,basil oil,anti ageing.

little green magazine.

green people 84%organic moisturising shower gel.
orange blossom,yucca,marshmallow,
suitable for sensitive skin,eczema,
i really like there products.
green people moisturising shower gel.

green people 91%organic nurture body lotion,
perilla,evening primrose,Shea butter,bergamot,
for normal or dry skin,
both these products are vegan organic,fairly traded.
green people nurture body lotion.

DR Bronners magic soap,18 in 1 hemp rose.
multi use soap certified organic,fairly traded,from soap to shampoo to clothes washing to make up brush cleaner.this does the lot.
dr bronners 18 in 1 soap.

Inika eyebrow pencil in brunette, fill size.
mineral brow certified organic,vegan,cruelty free,can be used as an eye pencil.
Inika brow pencil

BalmBalm 100% organic lip balm.full size,
organic,natural,available in 3 scents,rose geranium,unscented,tea tree.
use on lips,face,body,feet,
i have the unscented from another box so I'm glad to finally get the rose one.
BalmBalm lip balm.
so for anyone who likes organic or vegan,or green style boxes it may be good to sign up for souk souk box.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

beautecobox uk whats new 1st box.

so hello again last month i came across a new beauty box concept ,so i emailed and subscribed after reading .
beautecobox is the new box on the block.
so your box ,your products.the box is as green as it is brown. the idea is you log into the boutique where you find 3 boxes,various items in you choose the box YOU good is this going to be.there are 5 items in each box. each box 1,2,3, is a will receive an email each month to say you can pick your box right up to when the boutique closes so no rush.all boxes can be sent in the UK as long as its an address that receives post.
if by some madness you forget to choose your box don't worry they will pick you out items for you and you will still get a box.
beautecobox items are a mix between beauty and a bit like birch box but maybe cooler.each month selections will be different so no chance of the same products creeping in every month.
you can find beautecobox FOR £10.+P&P here.
so this is my first box and i liked how heavy it was and how well packaged this box is.

first beautecobox

anatomicals body scrub full size 200ml £3.49
infused with fresh melon and mint extracts makes a refreshing deep cleanser for the skin and the scent lingers for the day.
anatomicals body scrub

anatomicals hand cream full size 100ml £3.00
this hand cream screams almond oil.also contains vit E, leaves hands non greasy and feeling smooth and soft.
anatomicals hand cream

 Dr Bragi age management moisturiser size given 5ml.  full size  £120 for 60 ml.
have used this brand before and is good .this face moisturiser helps reduce ageing and environmental factors,slows down collagen breakdown and a good all rounder.
Dr bragi age management moisturiser
melvita ultra nourishing cream,sample given 15ml. full size  £15 for 200ml.
really good for dry skin and is a rich cream that sinks into the skin quickly.
made with 3 different types of honey with thyme,orange blossom,acacia,royal jelly and argan oil.

melvita ultra nourishing cream 
moa balm,sample given? .full size £14.99 .50ml.
had this in boxes before .great for throwing in the bag .
use as a facial cleansing balm.made with yarrow .its been used for centuries  for its healing properties.
moa balm

so yes all in all a good first box will use everything .not often i say that .and will recommend to Friends to try as well.hope this box stays as its got an interesting concept with the choice of 3 boxes.and look forward to getting future boxes and products they come up with.on the bottom of the menu card is discount codes for ordering online.
have you brought this box what did you think and if not has it made you read the website and sign up and try one yet.