Thursday, 21 May 2015

okashi connection ,may

its that time when all my candy subscriptions all turn up in one week and i spend the following week eating my way through the boxes and reviewing with my taste tester son

               OKASHI CONNECTION.
this is a Japanese candy and snack subscription box that comes out every month and is shipped world wide for $22.00 .postage is included in the price,
shipped direct from Tokyo,it takes about 2 weeks to get to the UK.
once opened you go onto the members blog and there you will find out about all the products in the box.
the box contains about a pound or 450g weight of candy and snacks which focus on seasonal items rather than weird filler items.
OK so on opening the box i knew this subscription was going to be a keeper.

also this month i was invited to buy the add on ,these you go to a link and then you can purchase as many of the items  as you want, i passed this month as it was chocolate,
you can find okashi connection here okashi connection website 
please add my referral code ljblog to the box when signing up thank you.

my box

menu card,

this is a kids grab bag,with snack bags inside,

heart shaped corn crisps,these are soft with a little crunch,.they are a little salty but the vegetable flavour comes through fine.

these are limited chocolate flavoured crackers, they are a quite strong flavour with a crispy texture.

bourbon regularly team up with Disney and this has Elise all over it,
these wafers are so nice the blueberry mix is just right and not too sickly,

a limited edition to japan only,this box is bright yellow and has snoopy on it, 
that can only mean one thing surely ,PEANUT flavour, 
the filling is not as strong and dense as peanut butter so the description of a sweeter peanut cream is spot on,
the coating is sweet and not a dry texture in the mouth, i like these.

so an ice cream wafer cone in japan is called a bin,
you poke the straw into the bottom of the bottle wafer, then suck up the ramune sherbet powder ,be careful you don't suck to quick or you may cough like the cinnamon challenge,
its a nice sherbet, and who doesn't like crisp ice-cream wafers.

love these , i have had loads in other sub boxes and I'm not bored of them,
they are like a strong french crispy crunchy Florentines biscuit and fresh strong pears.these are individually wrapped for freshness but to be honest they never last long.

this bar has a green tea chocolate covering over a crispy wafer ,
they come across as a kind of kitkat wafer,

the same as the green tea one with a nice gentle strawberry taste,

this long sugary and sour sweet.
but it wasn't as sour as some American gummy sweets , it was refreshing  and quickly eaten,

a good box ,a great choice of products again and all eaten and liked , worth buying each month, always consistent in value and weight,

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


may is here and that means snack boxes incoming,
today is the oyatsu box .

so its that time of month when our candy  subscriptions start hitting home, so what is oyatsu box all about,
the oyatsu box is based in japan  and started up last year after the staff at the oyatsu cafe decided to it was time to send some fun to the rest of the world.
oyatsu box can be found here.WEBSITE.
each box contains over a pound of candy,snacks,Japanese  merch.
there are 2 types of box to subscribe too-
the full sized box 8-14 products for $25.00
the junior box 2-3 products for $7.99
oyatsu box brings to us all kinds of sweet and savoury foods ,sweets and snacks, from all over japan  just so we can taste and try out what the other side of the world are finding great to eat.

this month we had a little spoiler in that we was informed due to subscribers increasing they could afford a new menu card ,now now its in my hand i will say this is good as i can keep this and file ,if i like something i can or get in another box i can read up what it is or order more online.

my box

the new all shiny list.


JAPANS latest food craze has landed and now we get weird flavours of popcorn ,I'm not sure on the green tea flavour ,this is a buttery soy flavour,
these are really salty but kind of a rich flavour as the buttery texture 
i think i could get use to this this flavour ,

these are soft sea creatures ,they are the softest gummies,they have a cola and fruit flavours, you simply pop them out of the mould they are set in,and enjoy, 
this pack has a limited edition card,

these are fruit snacks that are clearly made by awesome people ,
they peel like you would a real fruit,these are oranges and peaches.
they are the same type of thing as fruit winders.
i liked these they were kind of refreshing,

dried noodles that are seriously crunchy and tasty.snack like you do with crisps these are tasty,and great for on the go,

this is a Japanese limited edition.
for 2015 pocky have gone peanut crazy and if you go with a peanut theme you need to have the pulling power of peanuts or snoopy as he is known, the bright yellow packaging stands out alone,the sticks are not quite a peanut butter texture but they are a smooth peanut covering that is slightly sweet and very nice on there own or with a hot drink,

these gummy sweets have there own unique container and it has a pop up toy in the lid ,it is rather cool,ramune is a soda drink in japan and these sweets have a melon flavour to them ,

I've had this kit before you build your own little sushi rolls ,with the gummy sweets and the flavours are white peach rice  ,orange,mango flavoured fish,

these yummy snacks are great to nibble on, these are almonds with a coffee flavoured chocolate shell,

this is an odd one you basically make a chain as long as you can from the gummy sweets they are grape flavoured ramune,.

sour lemon chews with sharp sour lemon pieces inside ,these didn't last long ,i love hi chew sweets,the best sweets,

this month we didn't get a gashapon collectors toy ,but we got an exclusive new item, inflatable pokeball. this is greatly received in the house over here, a great collectable,
we got number 3 thank you for making the boy happy,

i really liked the box this month again,each month they are consistent in value and quality and volume of products, fast shipping and i would recommend to buy for  that something different,

Thursday, 14 May 2015

FCS summer soap box straight on till morning,

the time of seasons change so quickly lately but this time it has flown round ,the fortune cookie soap box summer edition landed .
fortune cookie soap company is an American company specialising in all think cute,smelly and awesome to cover your body with ,(also do house hold items too).
the soap box ships worldwide as does all their products that can be got online, or if you are lucky and are in Tulsa head to their store.

the soap box costs broken down are here buy the famous soap box

USA $19.99
Canada $28.00

shipping takes a week to arrive in the UK and comes via royal mail,
no customs charges as it comes under the limit.
this seasons theme is peter pan inspired ,

the products go up for sale on the 22nd may at the fun reveal party 
6pm CST time 
12am UK time.

so the reason i love the summer box so much is the fruits and warmth that comes through in the products ,it makes a warm fun and funky box .

my box,

we get a great colourful printed menu card that helps us see what fun they had when mixing this all up, i love the descriptions and seeing the scents added .

my box all stripped out.

so lets gets get onto the products as they smell so good,

this soap is the best colour and is all shimmery.
a happy thought and a bit of pixie dust ,glitter can't make you fly,silly...
this isn't an acid trip.
we have crushed berries and mint leaves with a splash of  of sparkling pomelo over iced sugar cane.
OK i get a strong hint of pomelo and mint on sniffing ,once it hits the hot water from the tap you start to smell some faint berries come through, it smells like a boozy cocktail that lingers on the hands afterwards.i like it. will need the shower gel, sugar scrub and whipped cream,mist me,
a pomelo is a hybrid of a grapefruit and an orange,

do you believe in fairies ?GOOD we can be friends.
fresh cherries in cream,with toasted coconut and a fairy dusting of powder sugar.
so this smells of coconut and maraschino cherries.cant go wrong with this,
i will need a whipped cream ,sugar scrub,solid shampoo, bath oil, lip scrub,shower oil,mist me,

get lost for peach sake,just don't lose your marbles,
golden apricot muddled with fresh white peaches,
OK not going to lie I'm buying the whole range i love this fruity little number and peach and apricot always wins me over with fcs,it comes over really strong,not overly sick sweet either,whipped cream,bath products ,sugar scrub,lip scrub,bath oil,Shannon you better be doing this, air freshener,shower oil,perfume oil,shower gel ,mist me,and bit more,

our coconuts bring all the mermaids to the lagoon,but watch out they'll probably drown you !them beaches,
shake well,
this smells like it has toasted coconut and marshmallows with a hint of the sea ,like when you  have a seaweed bath i like this ,a citrus kick comes through as well.
i would love this in sugar scrub,perfume,shower oil,mist me, room spray,bath oil,or even a tea infusion.and a whipped cream,shower gel or bath oil would be great.

here's a thimble,pucker up.
exotic watermelon,juicy pineapple,coconut water, bursting with citrus juices.
i get the watermelon with a after kick of subtle pineapple,i like that the coconut is moisturising, so imagine it has the normal cocoa butter and Shea butters like the normal range, this really gets the lips soft and hydrated ,and a great size for the pocket for on the go,
maybe the only one i won't get other products of ,

boys don't want to grow up,and girls just want to have fun!why can't we have both,
tropical margarita  served with salted rim,
well give to me now baby I'm all yours with this nifty little number,this is a sharp bold punch to the system,sweet sour,salty, my god I'm buying the whole lot in this bad boy, lime boozyness. give me the whipped cream,sugar scrub,mist me, bath oil,perfume,shower oil, room spray,tea infusion, solid shampoo,lip scrub,its all mine,

don't be afraid to raise your arm and flip the bird,the Wendy bird that is!what were you thinking,
bright green apple,with a balmy tropical twist,
so this is a fresh aqua apple scent, i really like the scent ,unfortunately the deodorant won't hold up in a 16 hour shift in a hot sweaty kitchen but be great for nighttime,or days off,
i think this is a sugar scrub  ,salt scrub,whipped cream,mist me,shower oil shower gel type scent ,may get a cheeky little perfume oil as well,

call yourself a cod fish,don't smell like one,
dewy magnolias and wild berries drenched with fresh cream.
from this i get floral, after chucking it in the shower on the water hitting the tab i didn't get floral but mixed fruit,but not sweet ,another product i maybe won't go mad on buying,

overall i really liked all but 2 products didn't stand out for me ,i feel they didn't scream at me when sniffing or trying them,
to be fair i used these when i had a bath and came out like a 12 year old hitting up the body sprays in Hollister or hitting the impulse body spray shelf in 
i have 6 main products scents that i will buy the collection of and 1 of some of the collection, 
i loved the strong scents i was lucky to get in this box and have really enjoyed this box,I'm all ready for the UK group order for summer collection and fathers day collection now. so happy that fcs didn't disappoint me a great summer soap box,a great theme guys as well,

i am now looking forward to getting the fathers day line, also there is a men's line due out,i need this too, i have a 16 year old son in desperate need of fcs love, i need a hazmat suit ,peg and strong stomach to go into his room, i hope the men's line will be right up his street,