Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Limited edition roger &gallet glossybox

Hello everyone my latest glossy box special edition has arrived.
                                         Roger &gallet.

This smells amazing on opening really strong citrus,
So first up is the fleur d osmanthus eau friache10ml  rrp £32 full size 100ml .
Inspired the Chinese garden of eden,a citrus and woody facets envelopes the senses in happiness.
Second up is the huile sublime bios d orange.10ml rrp £24.50 ,100ml.
A orange perfumed dry oil,can be used on hair,body,face,contains 6 nourishing oils,

Fleur d osmanthus, foaming honey shower gel.75ml, rrp£12.50 ,250ml.
Delightful honey, this gel transforms on contact with water into a light cleansing foam,enriched with softening apricot extract,and vitamin e ,

Fleur d osmanthus. Moisturising body lotion.50ml rrp £12 200ml.
Formulated with apricot milk,sweet almond oil.
Soft fluid texture and leaves a soft fragranced finish.

Citron perfumed soap . 25g . Rrp £5.50 100g.
Citron perfumed soap,

Full price £13 +p&p
Or if you already subscribed £10+p&p
Have you brought this box what did you think , are you planing in buying this box
Thankyou for reading my blog once again please leave me a comment .
All products are available from marks and Spencer's .

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

loccitaine honey range part 2

hello everyone .i just received my second honey collection parcel, so this will only be a short post .
you can find the link here http://uk.loccitane.com/winter-collections,83,1,30850,0.htm
so after getting the new items and never deciding which of these sets i wanted the honey set won again .
so here i have the gentle honey body care set.£27 but reduced on line to£21
gentle honey body care 

enriched with softening and enriching honey from Provence,this set melts onto your skin leaving it soft ,hydrated,and lightly scented not sickly sweet.

i love the tub it comes in and great for the bathroom for storing things in.
it contains 300ml bonne mere gentle honey hand wash,
bonne mere gentle honey cream for face,body,hands,mini wash basin. the gentle honey hand,body face wash is £14 - 75ml,smooth and light ,sinks into skin quickly,non greasy,not for use under 3 yr old.but suitable for sensitive skin.

honey hand,.body,face wash.

honey hand wash.
bonne mere hand wash £13 -300ml, this is a made of honey from Provence ,melts into and hydrates the skin for all the family,and dermatological tested for sensitive skin,

next up is the honey Shea hand cream, 30ml £8
sorry I'm a sucker for there hand cream,and this is one i look at and then a different one always keep taking the place .
Shea honey hand cream
so this is honey based,and blended with Shea these are a must as loccitaine are famous for there hand creams,  

last off i got the comforting winter collection.this is lovely and I'm going to make little bag up for a birthday gift . £30 or £14 if you spend over £30.
so this contains 
75ml Shea butter body lotion.
15ml of ultra rich face cream
10ml of Shea butter hand cream.
10ml of Shea foot cream.
3ml Shea butter lip balm
100gmilk bonne mere soap.
comforting winter collection.
woolly loccitaine bag.

so from having no honey hand cream i now have 3.thank you for reading ,do or have you ordered these what did you think tell me .

Monday, 21 January 2013

Ljsblogblog: loccitaine new Shea honey range. part 1.

Ljsblogblog: loccitaine new Shea honey range. part 1.: hello everyone, today i received my order from loccitaine ,and i must say I'm impressed as normal.fee gift boxes all nicely packaged. you c...

loccitaine new Shea honey range. part 1.

hello everyone, today i received my order from loccitaine ,and i must say I'm impressed as normal.fee gift boxes all nicely packaged.
you can find the items here.http://uk.loccitane.com/what's-new,83,1,30327,0.htm

Little bit about the fair-trade Shea butter-
its a natural beauty balm,used by women in sub Saharan Africa.since 1980sloccitaine has maintained sustainable and fair trade partnerships with the women in burkina faso.loccitaine further support these women in return with literacy programs,entrepreneurship projects.

so I'm really looking at the new whipped Shea honey utter cream.but looking further i saw some more honey range items and thought i would do a bulk order of the range instead .so this is what i ended up buying and also had a code through the mail as well ,handy ,
so first off i decided on a duo as it was better than buying singles and also got the added bonus of loving both.
Shea butter and honey body care duo
so here is the Shea butter and honey body care duo -consisting of 125g of Shea honey whipped  body butter
this is a smooth softening aerated butter that feels like a souffle and blends well , it contains 10% Shea ,the honey extracts just cuts through the sickly Shea butter scent ,it sinks into the skin lovely and keeps the skin lovely and soft all day.i also love that the cream is in a good size tin that is self contained in a plastic container so the tin will be reused after .tolerance dermatological tested for sensitive skin.
Shea butter and honey whipped body cream.

Shea honey whipped cream on skin.

and the 250ml honey Shea firming gel.
now this i think i will be buying again think neat honey, it is truly a really thick gel i  mean really thick,a little goes a long way and lathers so thick and creamy  which i think is partially to the Shea .
it is also tolerance dermatological tested  for people with sensitive skin.
Shea firming gel
Shea honey firming gel

so as a duo pair it cost £29 but presently £25 introduction offer
or separately Shea honey whipped body butter £16 for 125g
honey Shea firming gel.£13 for 250ml

next up is the honey Shea hand cream, 30ml £8
creme mains honey hand cream.

sorry I'm a sucker for there hand cream,and this is one i look at and then a different one always keep taking the place .
so this is honey based,and blended with Shea these are a must as loccitaine are famous for there hand creams,  

i also got my free Shea butter pampering winter collection bag .£30 if not ordering over £30.
winter pampering collection

this contains 30ml Shea butter honey hand cream.
 15ml ultra rich face cream.
50ml Shea butter cleansing milk .
Shea butter refreshing cloth.
pampering collection contents.

and of course my 2 samples ,

and a lovely leaflet expelling the 25 products with Shea butter and 25 ways of using Shea butter .

thank you reading ,do you use loccitaine ,will you buy this,what do you think.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

lush limited online order

hello everyone.so i needed to grab another hair conditioner so did a little online order.you can find it here https://www.lush.co.uk/
i only needed one bottle mind.
so i got another back up bottle of
happy happy joy joy perfume hair conditioner 250g £18  or a smaller 100g £9.
lush limited happy happy joy joy 
i just love this in my hair all day especially after there fair trade honey shampoo see link herehttp://ljblog73.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/lush-limited-shampoo-and-conditioner.html i really like that it perfumes your hair all-day .a little luxury anytime.the rose water and orange blossom water is fab.the perfume is from orange flower absolute,rosewood and grapefruit oils.and doesn't weigh your hair down or make it greasy.

next i got an avobath , £3.20  200g bomb .haven't had one for ages as they lose there scent sometimes ,but this was major scented and the citrus and lemongrass and bergamot,rosewood,green lustre,had the whole house smelling for hours ,i like how the avocado and olive oil softens the skin as well.
avobath ballistic
avobath fizzing around  in my bath
i also got a green pop in the bath bubble bar,£2.90.100g i like these as they contain lemon oil,bergamot,orange flower,mandarin oil,it goes well with the okie branch shower gel.these come in different colours and although the same scent the colour of water changes depending if you have a pink,green,blue,white,
i always have a bag of assorted colours in all the time .i also find they last for ages it you grate some in with a hand grater,then run hot water on to this and swish and hey loads of bubbles,
lush limited pop in the bath
i also got some miranda soap,£3.40 100g.this is creamy and fruity all in one,this contains loads of kiwi so vitamin call round,juniper berries,these are good for oily skin,ylangylang,coconut oil,myrrh,bergamot,this is a refreshing soap good for summer.
and finally the olive branch shower gel.£4.45 100g.£8.95, 250g £15.45  500g
this is a great uni sex gel,rather runny consistency so be careful,leaves your skin and hair lovely and soft and clean.this also contains bergamot and orange,mandarine,vine  leaf,orange flower absolute,fine sea salt.

So this my little order and can't wait for the Easter and Mother's Day range it looks fab .
Thank you for reading.

chocolate tasting club elements box

hello everyone ,So I've received my elements box through the door ,it's milk chocolate and a good choice and variety.
The chocolate tasting club Can be found here.http://www.chocs.co.uk/ £19.95 a box. and after your 3 box you get your 5%off discount card.and various offers through the year .just preordered Easter eggs.
So here is the box
milk chocolate elements box
this is the menu card ,it has all the info on telling what the chocolate is and what inside .

So first up is the dizzy .this has a swirl on top and is a smooth hazelnut praline,and
chocolate tasting club dizzy
The 40%milk chocolate tasting batons.
chocolate tasting club baton

Then we have tawny port ,with a red and cream top  ,a creamy chocolate ganache with a medium port.
chocolate tasting club tawny port

And billionaires shortbread  topped with cookies and chocolate.chocolate ,caramel,praline,cookies.
chocolate tasting club billionaires shortbread

We have a caramel crunch,a smooth caramel and smooth chocolate hazelnut praline,
chocolate tasting club caramel crunch

Coffee and walnut,all time favourites lovely creamy coffee with hazelnut and walnut praline,40% chocolate.topped with half a walnut.
 tasting club coffee and walnut
Pink champagne truffle. Enrobed in its pink casing,champagne and strawberry ganache with raspberry and strawberry powder .
chocolate tasting club pink champagne truffle

Raspberry mousse,crushed raspberries on top, raspberries whipped with white chocolate,cream,raspberry juice,covered in a milk chocolate cup.
chocolate tasting club raspberry mousse

Whiskey truffle.malt whiskey with rich chocolate filled inside a rich ingot shell.
chocolate tasting club whisky truffle

Salt and pepper.white chocolate circle on top.50% milk chocolate filled with black pepper and salt crystals,praline filling.
chocolate tasting club salt and pepper

So here is the score card you get and mark out of 10 each chocolate ,you then send it back or fill in on line .its so easy to do all you have to do is sit back and wait for the next box to arrive ,

thank-you for reading

Thursday, 17 January 2013

First Birchbox uk January 2013

Hello everyone. So today I'm going to show you the new birch-box UK box.
So birch-box  is the  main  beauty box in USA , and if you follow on line your understand that there are many variations of each box each month  . This I'm not over the moon about and will be keeping an eye on this over the next few months as this is one of the main reasons why so many get annoyed and leave .  so birch-box say this box contains star goodies to help you start the new year off on the right foot. you will find skin care to reboot your complexion,strand boosting hair care and a cult lip treatment that exfoliates and hydrates.and as beauty starts inside they have included tea,also included is the debut issue of birch-box magazine .and a plug to use there on line shop.
Birch-box UK can be found here http://birchbox.co.uk/  and is £10  A month .
So here's my box
new brown  birch box

all January's birch box contents

so this is the contents and below is the new look magazine.
new look magazine birch box

so to start off with fresh sugar rose lip treatment.
keep lips flake free, leaves a gentle colour sheen on the lips. soft,built in spf15 full size £15.50   sample received 2.2g
fresh sugar rose 
kms California add volume volumising spray full size £14.85  travel size30ml given £3.50
flat hair begone,mist this body building spray through towel dried hair.then style .it contains eucalyptus to remove the excess oil.
kms California add volume
next up is the taaj creme mains delicates hand cream.£10  75ml.  sample 30ml
the latest french import,contains Shea butter,wheat germ oil,cinnamon,aloe Vera,sweet almond oil.
TAAj hand cream
Wei white lotus moisture rich eye blend. full size £60 sample 2ml
east meets west in this eye cream moisture binding white lotus flower extracts with skin firming peptides.
Wei white lotus moisture eye cream
so we only got 4 items in this box so it was sadly Little lacking .the extra item included was tea pigs teabags or should i say teabag in peppermint.full size 15 bags £3.49-£3.99
tea pigs peppermint
so it was an interesting first birch box not an attention grabbing wow box to entice new subscribers .i will see for a few months and decide if i will stay another year ,
have any of you received your boxes yet ,what are the variations ,what do you think of it ,will you stay or leave birch box.thank you for reading please comment below ,and also leave you box links to and i will get back to you