Saturday, 19 January 2013

lush limited online order

hello i needed to grab another hair conditioner so did a little online can find it here
i only needed one bottle mind.
so i got another back up bottle of
happy happy joy joy perfume hair conditioner 250g £18  or a smaller 100g £9.
lush limited happy happy joy joy 
i just love this in my hair all day especially after there fair trade honey shampoo see link here i really like that it perfumes your hair all-day .a little luxury anytime.the rose water and orange blossom water is fab.the perfume is from orange flower absolute,rosewood and grapefruit oils.and doesn't weigh your hair down or make it greasy.

next i got an avobath , £3.20  200g bomb .haven't had one for ages as they lose there scent sometimes ,but this was major scented and the citrus and lemongrass and bergamot,rosewood,green lustre,had the whole house smelling for hours ,i like how the avocado and olive oil softens the skin as well.
avobath ballistic
avobath fizzing around  in my bath
i also got a green pop in the bath bubble bar,£2.90.100g i like these as they contain lemon oil,bergamot,orange flower,mandarin oil,it goes well with the okie branch shower gel.these come in different colours and although the same scent the colour of water changes depending if you have a pink,green,blue,white,
i always have a bag of assorted colours in all the time .i also find they last for ages it you grate some in with a hand grater,then run hot water on to this and swish and hey loads of bubbles,
lush limited pop in the bath
i also got some miranda soap,£3.40 100g.this is creamy and fruity all in one,this contains loads of kiwi so vitamin call round,juniper berries,these are good for oily skin,ylangylang,coconut oil,myrrh,bergamot,this is a refreshing soap good for summer.
and finally the olive branch shower gel.£4.45 100g.£8.95, 250g £15.45  500g
this is a great uni sex gel,rather runny consistency so be careful,leaves your skin and hair lovely and soft and clean.this also contains bergamot and orange,mandarine,vine  leaf,orange flower absolute,fine sea salt.

So this my little order and can't wait for the Easter and Mother's Day range it looks fab .
Thank you for reading.

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