Tuesday, 2 July 2013

NAISTURE collagen facial mask pack.

today i received my parcel courtesy pr sample from a beautiful world,they had contacted me and i agreed to review a couple of products for them .
so the NAISTURE  collagen mask developed by natural skin care laboratory,
the pack arrived , it costs £10.you can buy and read up here.http://abeautifulworld.co.uk/products/collagen-paper-face-masks
it contains 5 mask packs which come in separate wraps  . the mask is made of cotton,
NAISTURE  collagen facial mask.

so this products features an intense and immediate moisturising effect and good on sensitive skin.it saturates the skin from within and restores the moisture levels back again.

active ingredients include vegetable and marine collagen,raffinose,hyaluronic acid,Shea butter herb extract.jojoba oil,allantoin,panthenol,trehalose.

so the collagen elasticity and firmness is derived from carrots improves the skin strength and helps reduce signs of ageing.


smooth and moisturising,contains hyaluronic acid,panthenol,Shea butter and raffinose to help achieve smoother ,silkier,softer radiant skin.

so how do you use sheet masks,
1)cleanse your face,
2)use your toner,
3)apply your sheet mask opening it up and laying it out and adjusting around your mouth and eyes,flatten down over the skin,
4)relax for 15 minutes.
5)remove mask and massage all excess lotion into face and neck until absorbed.
6)use a fresh mask 2-3 times a week. for normal skin,

so my  feelings on the product is that i do love sheet face masks at the best of times and it being made in Korea is another bonus as i feel the best ones come from Korea and japan.would i buy again and recommend ,yes i would ,there was plenty of lotion on each mask and plenty to massage in to the face and neck afterwards.these do not come with paper on one side so it is a bit fiddly unwrapping the mask but the results left my skin soft and cleaned and after 2 weeks firmer as a whole.so why not give them a try and see what you think.have you tried this brand before.

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