Wednesday, 3 July 2013

YAROK feed your youth hair oil.

so i was sent a pr sample from a beautiful world  to review ,they mainly cater for organic natural beauty products, and couldn't wait to get my hands on this .
you can find more info her on a beautiful worlds website,

so here is the YAROK,feed your youth hair oil.£22.

yarok say welcome to the new era of high performance organic haircare.yarok is a hair care line that gives salon quality using 100% natural formulations.blended with natural herbs,flowers,vitamins,minerals and essential oils this is the new modern day haircare range.
the NYC based company is hot on getting on the inside of beauty trends.
these products enhance strength,quality,natural shine.

this anti ageing oil treatment nourishes stressed hair,helps remove build up and residue left from other hair products.
the oil hydrates and revives from the hair root to the hair tip,leaving it bouncy and strong and soft and shiny.
it is scented with Divine orange blossom.
this product is vegan ,paraben free, natural ingredients,bunny friendly no animal tested,a beautiful world exclusive.

ingredients include,
pure avocado,apricot kernel,ylang ylang,yarrow,orange blossom,bitter orange oils.

directions ,
1)use 3 droppers full 
2)massage into hair and scalp.
3)leave 10 Min's,relax,
4)shampoo and condition out as normal,

for deep hydration i actually preferred this way .
1)use 3 full droppers full of the oil,
2)massage into scalp and hair,
3)wrap hair in a hot towel,
4)leave for 20 Min's ,relax,
5)shampoo and condition out as normal.

after using for 2 weeks my hair and scalp is no longer dry or itchy,and the condition of the hair is alot better.

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