Friday, 12 July 2013

fortune cookie soap mini carnival collection.

so my fortune cookie soap company mini collection arrived .this time its the
                                                                 carnival collection,
you can find fortune cookie soap here in the USA here,
mini collection carnival

the frozen lemonade mist me .$9.99,
this a real acidic lemon spray that when kept in the fridge is actually the most iced refreshing spray,
mist me frozen lemonade body mist.

rainbow sno-cone $7.99.
citrus punchy mouth watering oranges,grapefruit,strawberries,ripe melon,peaches,kiwi,and a sprinkle of sugar.a real fruit salad.

bath fizzy rainbow sno-cone
carnival corn  fcs,$3.69.
popcorn,brown sugar toasted with vanilla,caramel ,makes this sweet but buttery popcorn scent ,makes you want to take a bite off.
fcs carnival corn,
fried kool aid bath bomb,$4.99.
this smells of cola fact ,it sweet but it
fried kook-aid bath bomb.
cotton candy sugar scrub $11,75.
think sugar cotton candy floss,fairy dust sweetness,
cotton candy sugar scrub,

so another good mini collection from fortune cookie soap company, full set costs $34.57.

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