Tuesday, 27 November 2012

my new nail haul

well hello there, so i love my nails inc and ciate, and at a squeeze china glaze and opi .but i am open for changes .so there has been much talk about models own and i thought i would see what it was all about .so i went looking for a blue,a purple,and a green.
now i like that they have the darker colours so i thought i would be spoilt for choice. well i heard boots were there main retailer and off i headed .WHAT A WASTE OF TIME. canterbury and westwood cross had bugger all.so deflated i emailed them at models own and they were looking into it .so they got me to do an online order and i went for  betty blue.emerald black beetlejuice,purple imperial kaleidoscope .nail i know nails inc lasts an age on me so im intrested to see how models own last and if they chip .ive done a few swatches and love the colours but need to try them properly.but i still prefer nails inc sorry.
so here it goes first up is emerald black beetlejuice this i was looking for as it has a green hue to it looks better in photo as more black on the nail.but pleasantly surprised.
next up was betty blue ,nice and bright quite liked this but to get desired depth of colour i would need 3 or4 coats as the polish is so thin.
and the last one is purple imperial kielidoscope now i was so looking foreword as its a fantastic colour in the bootle it oozed the right purple .
it was awful so watery and 5 coats and not a rich purple so sad.
although for about £5 each its cheap and only really loved the beetlejuice  emerald black i was abit disappointed in the consistency,and it took ages to dry.and the only one not to chip was the beetlejuice. after reading and listening to the hype i think its not for me.and i would rather spend £11-£18 on a thicker and better made polish.

so tell me do you use models own or similar why do you prefer these to nails inc ,cite,essie,china glaze,opi. is price led,or availability or what. thanks for reading.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

My advent calender

Well on the lush forum we asked lisa if she could maybe do some advent calendars for next year.
Well she came backand said she can manage 20 .so for a one off price £40 I got in there quick,
So I hear you ask what's in this advent well. I tell you 25 days yes 25 days like advent calendars used to be like years ago of .

See link

So we have 25 days of her finest wax tarts and melts. With some totally one of scents never done before.

So these are way better than Yankee and the lists and variations are fab,when I opened the main box the scents stunk the house out and still is in my room as you can see for the first one  it's cool she did add sweets but they are eaten, I think I will do a blog Saturday on each Saturday with the weeks goodies so you can all see what I had each day .
I'm currently waiting for a big order of candles and tarts from her and with blog when here as some are pressies and she decorates the top of candles in the tins .more later on that ,I would deffinatly recommend her products though.
so although the box man let her down and it was a quick job ,cant wait for next years one .ro;; on next saturday for 1st december. 

Friday, 23 November 2012

Kiehls creme de corps

Kiehls creme de corps soy milk and honey whipped body butter with Shea, and jojoba butters.
Kiehls say a luxurious air whipped body butter,which is quickly absorbed to give the skin hydration.
A wonderful indulgent and addictive experience.
This also contains beta-carotene which helps protect and soften the skin.

This whipped cream keeps my skin soft for a good 24 hours, I get the scent all day and night it's really sweet as in honey and I gt vanillas out of it but hey Ho it's lovely and light and smoothes into the skin so well.
340g. / 12oz is £45
200g/8oz is £36 .
 I still prefer this to my lush moisturisers .but when my skin is dry this soaks in lovely.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

November jolie box

Ok so I've been reading the comments on Facebook and read the blogs,you tube ,and was really thinking oh god it's Gunnar be a bum jolie box this month well it's arrived .

so we got toothpaste,body cream,another bb cream ( its the new fake eyelash of beauty boxes),hand cream,and perfume.
So let us begin with vertumne a' Venus manucaure absolue- moisturising and regenerating hand cream  ( one use sachet)

Jane iredale- glow time bb cream sachet ( not even a one use application) .

Topicrem- body glitter 3d effect( luxury shimmery lotion).

Deep sea spa magik,-gentle cleansing facial wash
Yardley daisy Eau de toilette .(really)

Marvis-cinnamon mint toothpaste.

over all I think the only thing worth using is the toothpaste ,why are yardley so pushing there range trying to excite the younger generation it's never going to be . Always an old lady product ,and bb cream are over given away in boxes but sachets not even a tube is disaster.
The shimmer cream is good but really .
So all in all not really a good box but better than many have got .
                      Jolie box could do better roll on December box .

My Xmas lush love 2012

So as normal for my monthly lush order I just had to grab another 4 let the good times roll cleanser and another 4. Popcorn lip scrubs.
This is better than buche from the Xmas range so much so the buche is still in the freezer and  I have stashed 10 tubs of ltgtr . This is as it says on the lush forum uk staying as permanant as is the enchanter bath bomb.
So let's talk about the popcorn lip scrub it's tastes so yummy,lol,it's toasted hot buttery popcorn and scrubs the lips so good without being harsh like the salt scrubs do, the fact that the sugars and oil gently buff and plump the lips is fantastic and no need to wipe off go ahead go on !Lick your lips ready to gloss.
£5.25 for 25g?
Contains coconut oil,jojoba oil,salt,sugar,Polenta makes it lush salted caramel popcorn scrub.

It's a maize ing
Let the good times roll cleanser for Xmas comes in a long log covered in popcorn.it smells Devine think hot toffee buttered popcorn .the formulation is better than angels on bare skin,or buche Noel etc for instance when you take a finger of ltgtr it's smoother and creamier than the others( think soft marzipan). so goes on your skin smoother but the scrubby part init comes from polenta,Ive used tubs already and it really is suitable for all skin types and every day .or if you have very sensitive skin every other day.when you add Water to the face it goes so smoothing when washed off doesn't leave any oily residue on your skin.
£5.95 100g
Maize ,glycerine,polenta,cinnamon,Talc,water,corn oil,popcorn.
Lush website here -

deffinatly two keepers have you tried these yet ,what do you think about the products. ive used lush from ctg days and love there stuff.

look what i found

my new love is nails inc graffiti .
today i found the most wonderful blue sparkles /silver sparkles and would go with loads. can't wait to use over severn dials or the serpentine.
loving the portobello place graffiti.

And the Camden lock multi coloured sparkle glitter is fantastic goes with everything or over any colour.both if used on there own take a good two coats to look good on coverage.

portabello place 
all available for £11camden lock

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Beauty box pain in the arse

So I'm fed up .I just put a post up on luxbox asking when the boxes are being sent out . And again to give them a chance to tell us about the new company future pink media and events and explain what's going to happen now they are onboard. Well I joined up right at the beginning and patience has well and truly fucked off now, so no sooner did I post that the comment was taken down . So your not having my personal details and all that so it's time to hit unsub once and for all .so annoyed. And the constant ignoring people's posts and emails just like glossybox . So annoyed they told us there would be emails, newsletters explaining and we get sweet FA. I can't be the only person royally fed up . What do you think of all this going on please leave a comment I've been so good but I think enough iS enough now. Sorry rant over( unless my joliebox arrives tomorrow and is crap)💔

Saturday, 17 November 2012

My lucky bag selfridges

So I got my luck bag from selfridges today .i came across this idea and thought great idea can't be worse than some of my monthly beauty boxes. So there limited numbers available for£15.00 . You get minimum of 5 products available from there beauty workshop in store. So what did I recieve
Well I never got the voucher for£150 for use in the workshop. So what did I get in my bag
 I got eve lom cream, nail caviar set,face mask,lip balm,lip gloss,violent eyes tattoos,eye brow voucher,
Thankfully not to bad as I wouldn't of been happy with tissues but I do feel many who payed and weren't given the bags free feel cheated ,looking at other bloggers reviews I should be happy with what I got.
Well I've had it a few days and been looking at what others have had so here it goes .

Thursday, 15 November 2012

november glossy box uk

hi there .my box arrived i must admit i was not expecting much after the last few months but my oh my .hello xmas .so this months theme is stocking fillers and i think they come up trumps for sure im very happy .so

first up is nails inc kensington caviar top coat
this is there top selling top coat i have just got a mini in a gift set so glad i got a spare.

dermalogical daily microfoliant
 a unique rice based powder,gentle exfoliant,leaves skin soft and smooth and generally brighter
never tried this so looking foreword to using this.

dr jart ± water fuse water beauty balm.
a light  natural bright and glossy application of natural ,fresh skin.
this is a well known brand thats paving the way foreword in the world.

next up we have the alison claire natural beauty mango body butter.
wow this pump action tube is good the butter is not to thick not greasy,but left the skin wonderful and soft.it mango smell wasn't fake or sickly will love using this with the wind battering the skin .

last up is the burberry body eau de parfum
effortless sensual,fragrant,a combination of green absinthe,rose,cashmeran.
this smelt lovely such a good size for throwing in your bag.and rather a large mini bottle.
{deffinatly not a sample vial}this a really good scent and lasted the day long.

so yes all a good box i hope decembers box wil be just as good. what did you get in your box.

Advent calendars

So I thought about advent calendars again this year as my son has many allergies and not keen on chocolate what to get him . So off we slogged round bluewater and some are just so cheap and tacky  to damn right omg how much .so we looked at sweets /chocolate / jewellery, figurines, to ones what cost £2000 . Seriously more money than sense . So after all that we decided on the faithful @legoadvents , they do various ones and some for girls , some for boys or(adults) as I wasn't sure who was in there buying for the lids or for themselves . Well we finally ended up with the same as last year a Lego Star Wars one .i do like these as they get given the pieces for the day and a diagram and 24 days later you have a Lego theme on the picture card and some limited additions  and at least you can keep them all year round and add to your collection of Lego and for £22 for Star Wars, £19 for Lego city and£19 for Lego friends and £10 for Lego brick calendar
do you get a non chocolate advent calendar  what do you have.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Some for the xmas stocking

So as I was looking for deals online and something a bit different for Xmas I found these @cybercandy uk ,as I use this company amongst others a far bit I had a read up and thought I'd get 4 .with the view of me and my son eating one each and the others for Xmas stocking and Xmas day table gift .
So take out candy pretend to be in the movies you know when they all sit around eating Chinese out of white containers with metal handles and
chop sticks.for £3.40
You get 350g of mixed sweets and chocolate mice , all chopstick friendly
We decided that it has a WOW factor something different good for a gift or taking out for a car / train journey with or without kids, this idea gets people asking you where did you buy that from, we would buy again and deffinatly mastered the fun of eating with chopsticks we loved the idea.
What do you think cool or naff .

Friday, 9 November 2012

Peanut butter in my house

So what brand do you have , we tend to have skippy as it doesn't leave that dry taste in your mouth afterwards .but that was until we found pb crave from the states they have a most wonderful cross of peanut butter, chocolate , fruit flavours .
So to start with I tried Choco choco fell in love and got more its so creamy and soft and full of flavour it's a mix of peanut butter spread, wild honey,and dark chocolate it spreads like chocolate spread and leaves you
craving for more.
Next up is razzle dazzle . Peanut butter spread ,wild honey, white and dark chocolate and rasberrys flavouring. This is sweeter and has that jammy like taste .
next up is coco banana . peanut butter spread, wild honey ,chocolate ,and banana flavouring . Omg so good more like a banana bread type of tea bread flavour makes good muffins, sarnies, and milkshakes

So have you tried these . Brought from my favourite shop stateside candy for £5.99 each

Thursday, 8 November 2012

My American candy

So my American sweets arrived today as you will find I love to order sweets, soda, grocery foods from abroad, I love to use stateside candy company uk and as a back up cyber candy uk.so today was my chewing gum order and peanut butter order,
First off I love the flavours of gum from the states that they do and can't get over here .
I have wriggleys extra mint choc chip gum
Wriggleys extra  American apple pie
Wriggleys extra key lime pie
Wriggleys extra strawberry shortbread
Wriggleys extra orange cream
Wriggleys extra  rainbow sherbet
now I love that they taste authentic and they don't loose there flavour  ,and at £1.50 a packet or a 4 pack packet is £4.25  which doesn't work at to expensive at the end , and it beats the dull flavours of gum available in the uk,so have you tried other gums do you shop in other country's ,I think it comes from school trips to France and Austria when I was younger and would buy loads of Hollywood gum back in the day do you still get it or has it been deleted from memory.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

My nail haul arrived

So today I was given an extra day of work as very quiet ,my nails inc delivery came been waiting patiently honest  so here it is.
So I got graffiti Camden lock (glittery)
Serpentine(navy slate)
Severn dials lovely(jade green)
Swiss cottage mirror metallic (bluey )
Whitehall blue magnetic
Holland park (pinky purple)
Free box gift set with mini polishes and hand cream. On a whole I love nails inc they don't chip and last well on my nails so I like to stick with just a few brands .at roughly £11 each I think it's a good price what do use / think about nails inc.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Back to work

Well after a week off I'm finally back to work , oh well needs must.to find out we quiet and not needed tomorrow so I will do a little job search online , have a little walk around the newly started farmers market , wrap Xmas presents.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

My very late october 2012luxbox

So after weeks of waiting and people complaining of lack of info we were finally told 1)the company have been taken over by future pink media and events 1st of nov. 2)our boxes have been dispatched . So it's here the last box before takeover and I'm slightly disappointed and have told them . We was told 3 would be from one company. the others full size one was from oz , so here we go kimia rejuvenating system rrp£74 only 2 vials.
Model co colour box black eye pencil rrp£15
Tan erase exfoliating glove by tan organic rrp£12
Tan organic lux application mitt rrp£4.50
Tan organic natural tan spray rrp£19.95
Overall not the best box after all the hype and wait.but for £10 you can't really moan. but will see what the new company have to give .
Do you have monthly beauty boxes what do you think , I'm personally liking the full size boxes better now like betrousse uk .currently have lux,glossy,jolie,latest in beauty,betrousse.

Saturday, 3 November 2012


Hello all out there ,I have finally decided to start a blog ,my week of my son driving me up the wall.my love of monthly beauty boxes,lush limited,loccitane ,kiehls,apple Mac products,cookery