Thursday, 15 November 2012

Advent calendars

So I thought about advent calendars again this year as my son has many allergies and not keen on chocolate what to get him . So off we slogged round bluewater and some are just so cheap and tacky  to damn right omg how much .so we looked at sweets /chocolate / jewellery, figurines, to ones what cost £2000 . Seriously more money than sense . So after all that we decided on the faithful @legoadvents , they do various ones and some for girls , some for boys or(adults) as I wasn't sure who was in there buying for the lids or for themselves . Well we finally ended up with the same as last year a Lego Star Wars one .i do like these as they get given the pieces for the day and a diagram and 24 days later you have a Lego theme on the picture card and some limited additions  and at least you can keep them all year round and add to your collection of Lego and for £22 for Star Wars, £19 for Lego city and£19 for Lego friends and £10 for Lego brick calendar
do you get a non chocolate advent calendar  what do you have.


jenni said...

£2000.. really, thats crazy! I do think the lego calendars are a great, much better and healthier than chocolate!
You got me thinking if I should get some kind of advent calendar for my girl now ^^

Ljs blog said...

hi there ,you cant fault the lego or playmobil advents and it keep then occupied making things and also adds to there collection and can be used for years to may seem a lot in price but at least it around for years.unlike chocolate only around for 2 mins and not even a good chocolate at that.