Tuesday, 20 November 2012

November jolie box

Ok so I've been reading the comments on Facebook and read the blogs,you tube ,and was really thinking oh god it's Gunnar be a bum jolie box this month well it's arrived .

so we got toothpaste,body cream,another bb cream ( its the new fake eyelash of beauty boxes),hand cream,and perfume.
So let us begin with vertumne a' Venus manucaure absolue- moisturising and regenerating hand cream  ( one use sachet)

Jane iredale- glow time bb cream sachet ( not even a one use application) .

Topicrem- body glitter 3d effect( luxury shimmery lotion).

Deep sea spa magik,-gentle cleansing facial wash
Yardley daisy Eau de toilette .(really)

Marvis-cinnamon mint toothpaste.

over all I think the only thing worth using is the toothpaste ,why are yardley so pushing there range trying to excite the younger generation it's never going to be . Always an old lady product ,and bb cream are over given away in boxes but sachets not even a tube is disaster.
The shimmer cream is good but really .
So all in all not really a good box but better than many have got .
                      Jolie box could do better roll on December box .

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