Tuesday, 20 November 2012

My Xmas lush love 2012

So as normal for my monthly lush order I just had to grab another 4 let the good times roll cleanser and another 4. Popcorn lip scrubs.
This is better than buche from the Xmas range so much so the buche is still in the freezer and  I have stashed 10 tubs of ltgtr . This is as it says on the lush forum uk staying as permanant as is the enchanter bath bomb.
So let's talk about the popcorn lip scrub it's tastes so yummy,lol,it's toasted hot buttery popcorn and scrubs the lips so good without being harsh like the salt scrubs do, the fact that the sugars and oil gently buff and plump the lips is fantastic and no need to wipe off go ahead go on !Lick your lips ready to gloss.
£5.25 for 25g?
Contains coconut oil,jojoba oil,salt,sugar,Polenta makes it lush salted caramel popcorn scrub.

It's a maize ing
Let the good times roll cleanser for Xmas comes in a long log covered in popcorn.it smells Devine think hot toffee buttered popcorn .the formulation is better than angels on bare skin,or buche Noel etc for instance when you take a finger of ltgtr it's smoother and creamier than the others( think soft marzipan). so goes on your skin smoother but the scrubby part init comes from polenta,Ive used tubs already and it really is suitable for all skin types and every day .or if you have very sensitive skin every other day.when you add Water to the face it goes so smoothing when washed off doesn't leave any oily residue on your skin.
£5.95 100g
Maize ,glycerine,polenta,cinnamon,Talc,water,corn oil,popcorn.
Lush website here -

deffinatly two keepers have you tried these yet ,what do you think about the products. ive used lush from ctg days and love there stuff.

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