Friday, 9 November 2012

Peanut butter in my house

So what brand do you have , we tend to have skippy as it doesn't leave that dry taste in your mouth afterwards .but that was until we found pb crave from the states they have a most wonderful cross of peanut butter, chocolate , fruit flavours .
So to start with I tried Choco choco fell in love and got more its so creamy and soft and full of flavour it's a mix of peanut butter spread, wild honey,and dark chocolate it spreads like chocolate spread and leaves you
craving for more.
Next up is razzle dazzle . Peanut butter spread ,wild honey, white and dark chocolate and rasberrys flavouring. This is sweeter and has that jammy like taste .
next up is coco banana . peanut butter spread, wild honey ,chocolate ,and banana flavouring . Omg so good more like a banana bread type of tea bread flavour makes good muffins, sarnies, and milkshakes

So have you tried these . Brought from my favourite shop stateside candy for £5.99 each

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