Sunday, 30 June 2013

June Flavr Box

so i decided to buy a different kind of subscription box in June this one is a food based one,
so here is flavr box, £20, a month .
you Can have it monthly or quarterly or pause and swap a month,or cancel at anytime,you can buy as a gift as a one off.
each box has a minimum products up to £18.

here is the June flavr box.

so first up
passion fruit marshmallows,by little delicious.£3.50
handmade from natural  ingredients and real fruit puree.gluten free,no additives,most are egg free,and dairy free.most are fat free.
passion fruit marshmallow

blood tonic MR Fitzpatrick's.£4.25
all these vintage cordials are being produced this day after hundreds of years.botanically brewed with the finest natural ingredients.
this makes a lovely summer punch with good sources of vitamin,A,C,D,E,can be diluted with still or sparkling,or soda water.
blood tonic Mr Fitzpatrick's

split dried fava beans,by hodmedod.£1.90
delicious and nutritious,these beans used to be a good all year round good source of protein in the UK.
no need to soak just cook slowly for 20-24 minutes.great in soups or stews ,curries,falafel,dips.
hodmedod,fava beans

salt selection box by devonshire salt,£6.
this selection includes,
Himalayan pink salt,lemon and fennel and chili,viking sea salt.
add variety to your meals.
devonshire salt salt selection.

balsamic vinegar and garlic and chili pittas,by souffle's,£3.
the balsamic ones  are good with cheese,the chili ones are good with dips. pitta chips are great with anything.
souffles pitta chips.

so something different to try either as a one off or as a monthly or quarterly treat.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

hotel chocolate summer desserts box

hello and welcome to the hotel chocolate summer desserts box 2013.
I am  a subscriber to there tasting club and get a monthly tasting box.that means me, my dad and my son each get a chocolate to taste ,sample,and score.
you can find the tasting club here,
every now and again they release limited edition boxes there has just been was the world tour and now is the summer desserts.
this box is in its 4th year and is very popular.some new recipes and some top scoring batch making only.
so here is the box.
the syllabub,
a whipped cream base,warming whisky,and bitter orange.

custard tart,
a vanilla and nutmeg ganache,egg custard taste in a milk chocolate cup that represents the chocolate pastry case.
custard tart
 peaches and cream,
a fresh and fruity peach mixed with plenty of cream in a crisp white chocolate shell.
peaches and cream
 2012 champion,caramel cheesecake,
layers of soft caramel and firm cream,a custard style white chocolate ganache,mascarpone sour cream,oozing soft caramel
caramel cheesecake
chocolate trifle,
custard ganache,crushed biscuits,sponge layer,hazelnut praline,
chocolate trifle
creme brûlée brownie,
inspired by 2 of the  nations favourites.inside a chocolate shell are 2 layers a vanilla caramel cream, mellow pecan and hazelnut praline.with added crunch.
creme brûlée brownie,
 rum and raisin semifreddo,
means half cold,a layer of white chocolate vanilla ice-cream,over a soft ganache made with raisin puree and dark Jamaican rum,
rum and raisin semifreddo
mandarin ice,
white chocolate meets mandarin.smooth vanilla white chocolate made into a smooth ganache,mandarin juice.
mandarin ice
lemon and passion fruit tart,
lemons have been used since medieval times,we mixed lemons with our passion fruit puree,creamy ganache and white chocolate.
lemon and passion fruit tart
raspberry creme fraiche tart,
this is a real zinger ,the raspberry is one of the classic English flavours,raspberry juice added to a creamy ganache with hints of yoghurt with a shortbread biscuit topped on top.
raspberry creme friache tart
 coconut bombe,
soft mellow chocolate shell a ganache underneath,coconut and cream rolled in dried coconut for extra flavour and texture.
coconut bombe
Eton mess,
this fruity meringue was invented in the 1930s,hotel chocolate makes there with a whipped strawberry cream,meringue pieces,in a white chocolate shell.topped with strawberry pieces.
Eton mess
cherry bakewell,
2 layers of deliciousness here,light almond praline ,creamy tangy sour cherry ganache,in a milk chocolate shell,with cherry red stripes.
cherry bakewell
 banana custard,
this had me making banana custards afterwards,
creamy ganache made with white chocolate ,vanilla,and lots of banana puree.
banana custard
 strawberry cheesecake,
a layer of sour cream,mascapone,and a second layer of tangy strawberry juice ganache.
strawberry cheesecake
2012 champion.blackcurrant bombe,
a wow packing sharp Punch from this number,a fruity explosion of blackcurrant juice,in creamy white chocolate ganache,in a white chocolate shell.
blackcurrant bombe
blueberry cheesecake,
blended blueberries,white ganache,cream,
blueberry cheesecake
2012 champion,raspberry mousse,
white chocolate ,raspberry juice,makes a lovely sharp mousse with creamy top notes and enrobed in a milk chocolate cup topped with dried raspberries.
raspberry mousse
meaning cooked cream,this northern Italian dessert oozes creamy white chocolate,vanilla,and vanilla seeds.
a layer of firm mascapone style cream,topped with white chocolate coffee ganache,in milk chocolate shell,topped with cocoa nibs.

each box comes with 10 limited recipe postcards to make the recipes at home .

so another good box from hotel chocolate,i cant wait for the next limited box as its the tuck shop box,
next up is the regular standard tasting box see you soon.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

LIP FACTORY inc June beauty sub box

so i wanted a better choice of beauty sub boxes .so i signed up to a few American boxes.
                                                             LIP FACTORY inc.

 you have to sign up for the waiting list then they give you an email to sub up for via pay pal.
you fill out a beauty profile which is basic so they cant go wrong there. then you sit back and wait for it to ship to UK.
the box and shipping to the UK is $32.
you can find them here ,
also on twitter and Face book.
lip factory an exclusive ,affordable,make up subscription colour palettes and brands delivered to your door each month.
you receive 5-7 of your favourite makeup products.and brands.although your kit is focused on lips,your kit may include products such as glosses,lip sticks,lip liners,lip therapy products,
sometimes you may even get lucky with a bonus gift .it will be like finding a golden ticket unwrapping your box.
so my June box arrived excited much .
on the card it says ,it is time for a vacation thinking about what to take along in your summer bag.
so i got 7 products in this box.
here is my box.
June lip factory inc

Be fine exfoliating cleanser.$2.10ml.
a daily mini facial for your skin.melts away dirt and debris.brightens the skin and improves it all round,contains oats ,vitamins,brown sugar,crushed almonds.
BE FINE exfoliating cleanser.

29 cosmetic lipstick,full size 4.5g.$25
this lipstick is in a shade of expressive rose.
a long lasting antioxidant enriched lipstick enriched with grape seed extract,protects nourishes from environmental pollutants,keeps lips moisturised spf 20.

29 cosmetic lip stick

29 colour expressive rose swatch.

manic panic,NYC,high voltage gloss in radioactive.full size 7ml.$12.
100% vegan and paraben free.
packed with vitamin Cand E,
jojoba and flower extracts,cupcake scented,gives ultimate shine and gloss and deep pigmented colour.led LIGHT IN LID THAT ACTIVATES ON UNSCREWING.MIRROR ON THE SIDE.has very long staying power.
manic panic high voltage

radioactive swatch.

manic panic raven mascara.full size,9ml.$10.
from the creatures of the night collection.
rich and voluptuous ,glossy long lasting long wearing,water resistant conditioning smudge proof ,all rounder mascara.i found this moisturising not drying or too heavy ,
contains canuba wax,pro vitamin B5,Brazilian palm oil.
manic panic creature of the night  raven.

essence volumizing lash powder. full size,1.8g.$3.49.
for a false lash look.easy to use .
first use your mascara as normal,second before dry apply the white lash powder,then three add more of your normal mascara.
essence volumizing lash powder.

colour u cosmetics,loose mineral powder.full size.1.5g.$15.
shade given in turquoise.
a high pigmented fun daring loose powder,
colour u cosmetics.

colour u turquoise swatch

LONDON TOWN USA lakur .full size,12ml,$22,
shade given guarded Jewell,
a nail hardener a molecule bond creates a nail hardener,which thickens,strengthens,stops nails from splitting ,breaking,cracking.
made from the family remedy of vitamins and minerals.enhance healing and nail health and promote high shine ,
vegan free,gluten free, and the 5 free=free from formaldehyde,free from from dbp,free from formaldehyde resin,free from camphor.

total of box contents $89.99.
so I'm totally amazed by this box and yes i am keeping this sub service as I'm totally impressed,doesn't come near other UK is a shame that the UK cant seem to up there game.if you are a make up junkie this sub box is totally for you.
what do you think of this box would you try it ,do you get this box what do you think of this sub box,it always gets good reviews.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

June souk souk sub box.

so hello all and welcome to my June souk souk box.summers here !are you ready?
an all natural ,green Eco box for people out there in the UK.
souk souk have introduced new gift packages to the tariff.  a one off rolling month£10 +p&p.
or 3 months for £36
or 6 months and get 1 box free.
or 12 months get 2 boxes free and free gift worth £10.
you can find souk souk here.
the Little green box comes with 5 little green beauty products and a little green magazine,all delivered to your door every easy is that .
so for June we got faith in nature shower gel and bath foam,
                             eve of st Agnes refining bamboo exfoliating polish
                             eve of st Agnes hydrating facial silk
                             barefaced natural mineral eyeshadow in graphite
                              Moa the green balm

so here is my box,
the little green magazine

faith in nature shower gel and bath foam,full size given.£5.45
i got the grapefruit and orange one and wow .full on fresh zesty peeled grapefruit.
it was a lovely soothing multi tasker in the bath,and in the shower it certainly cleansed and uplifted me woke me up in the morning.will try other scents,and a handy size.
vegan,bunny friendly,free from artificial colours and flavours,no parabens and sles,biodegradable,bottles and packaging made from recycled materials.certified organic products,
faith in nature shower gel and foam bath

Eve of St Agnes,refining bamboo exfoliating size  given 15ml. £8 or full size 50ml £18.
sweet orange and Mandarin with sandalwood with bamboo beads makes this good after cleansing from paraben,sls,sles,synthetic fragrances,synthetic chemicals,mineral oils,colours,
eve of st Agnes

Eve of St Agnes,hydrating facial silk,travel size given ,15ml.£12,for full size 50ml,£28.
frangipani,champaca,blood orange,yang-ylang,face cream,contains anti-ageing properties.
free from paraben,sly,sles,synthetic fragrances,synthetic chemicals, minerals oils,colours.
eve of st Agnes

Barefaced Natural Mineral Eyeshadow in graphite,1.5g.£8.
rich eye colour with 100%minerals with no chemicals additives,
vegan and bunny friendly.
bare faced mineral eyeshadow

Moa THE GREEN BALM. sample size given.  full size to buy is £4.99.
a cult balm packed with yarrow and tea tree oil,beeswax,coconut,almond,soya bean oils.a multi tasker balm face,eyes,hair,cuticles,feet,eye make up remover,a cleanser, serum,balm,spot/cold sore  treatment.
free from synthetic chemicals,use natural and organic ingredients,not tested on animals.
moa the green balm

so another good box from souk souk this month and worth signing up for.

Friday, 14 June 2013

JUNE BIRCHBOX festival chic


so BIRCHBOX has had a revamp sine last month,new design and features have been implemented across the world. new colour boxes each month,4 to 5 products a month.
you can find BIRCHBOX here,
so the June box is get festival ready,if your off to glasto,download,etc.we got you covered  if your staying home we got you covered,
so here is my box
love the blue box this month just wish the inside boxes were coloured each month as well.
as is normal you get the BIRCHBOX mag filled with  tips ,tricks,reviews on the upcoming trends or products.

my box had these in.

beauty protector, protect and detangle, full size would be £15.
multi purpose spray detangles adds shine,protects from UVA rays.
beauty protector.

colour club wanderlust  nail collection.£10
neon and pastel shades mine was London calling.

colour club polish.
we also received a box with a pass it on to a friend nail polish so this is going to the girls at work.

green people sun lotion SPF 15 with tan accelerator.£17.95.
a natural SPF lotion with UV protection.includes avocado and aloe Vera, a tan accelerator is added to boost your colour.
green people suncream.

model co eye define eye pencil.£14.
high pigment black eye pencil with sharpener .
model co eye pencil.

Carole Franck,fluide phyto-hydrant.£47.25.
fragrant multi purpose moisturiser packed with potassium,fruit lipids,keeps your skin hydrated,
carole franck,phyto moisturiser.

overall much better box compared to last month.i have green people sun cream but i would of loved the COOLA one as it was a higher factor .will have to buy that to try.
what do you think of this box this month.
BIRCHBOX also included 5 postcards in the box as well.
BIRCHBOX postcards.