Thursday, 13 June 2013

summer soap box fortune cookie soap.

yay its that time of the year .my fortune cookie soap company soap box has arrived .happy dance.
i love these boxes.

if you subscribe to these you know how exciting these are .they come out quarterly and every 3 months you get a little box containing 8-9 products of the new season range of which you duly then go on line to order as there is ALWAYS something you need .(mean need not just want).
you can sign up here
.the box includes a 10$voucher code for on line or in store use.

so here is my box,
summer soap box

one in a melon fortune cookie soap includes a fortune on the paper ,
this is amazing it looks like watermelon but smells like the jolly rancher sweets of which i always buy from certain websites,
one in a melon

 Body Shot Don't Be Jelly,
i love this smell it is really deep and raspberry with a zingyness  from the lemonade ,you just want to eat it.all in a jello shot.

body shot don't be jelly.

Do You Salsa Or Mango.OCD, Hand Sanitiser,
island mango and citrus lime with Chile and coriander,it also smells a little peachy,defiantly adding 2 of these to my new list.
do you salsa  or tango

Where The Sun Don't Shine ,Solid Sunscreen Stick. SPF 15.
SPF 15 sunscreen,in a tube ,good sample size and the full size will be great ,i need factor 50+burn too easy but this will do in the winter with the English channel winds blowing on my the not sickly banana and mild coconut scent.
where the sun don't shine

Mother Pucker Shower Steamer Tab ,
chuck it in the shower and let it release in the steam like emotibombs smells fresh and zingy like the lush avobath bomb so maybe it has citrus or lemongrass certainly woke me up in the shower.
or if your in the UK think sherbet lemon sweets.all zingy and fizzy.
mother pucker

"Aquaholic"Sea Salt Hair Spritz.
a pinacolada scent that stayed on my hair all day and could get the coconut pineapple scent as the wind blew through my hair.
aquaholic sea salt spritz

WHAT? Its Five o'clock Somewhere,Whipped Cream.
a fruity cocktail scented umbrella included.

its five o'clock somewhere

I Scream You Scream Sugar Scrub,
chocolate,strawberry and vanilla,i thought great a Neapolitan ice cream flavoured.i will see what its like on the present all i smell is the chocolate with a vanilla undertone.
i scream you scream

SO another good soap box again ,i always like how fcs do it every time,
things I'm putting on my next list using the 10$code  are body shot don't be jelly,aquaholic sea salt spritz ,mother pucker shower steamer,do you salsa or mango.and one in a melon..

i would definitely recommend this soap box sub .even if you got it to send one to a friend it is worth it.

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