Saturday, 1 June 2013

hotel chocolate tasting club,grand tour.

so I've received my tasting box and its a one off box called the grand tour.
the golden age of travel was popular in the early 17 century.
we have taken the idea and made it in to a finest foodie tour ,featuring 17 different recipes,exclusive limited edition postcards,and a unique map to show you the way to travel.
so get set for first class travel.
box contents

map of the tour countries..

first stop London ,66% dark canapĂ© Trinidad
the first solid chocolate bar was invented in England,by fry and sons.made in homage to the trinitaro cocoa from Trinidad.intense and grainy,
i melted this in milk and made a real strong drink.
66% dark canapé

second is off to Dover,strawberry jack
a fresh and light ganache white chocolate with strawberry juice.and cream
perfect British summer day.
strawberry jack

third off to Calais,sea salt caramel
salty sea air,caramel ,made with a pinch of Fleur DE Del sea salt.
sea salt caramel

forth off to Paris,champagne truffle
sparking champagne,mercier,creamy ganache,milk chocolate shell and a dusting of icing sugar.
champagne truffle

fifth off to great st Bernard pass st Bernard's rescue
three barrels  vsop brandy, and milk chocolate.
st Bernard's rescue

sixth off to Geneva,rissole aux poires
Switzerland  and pears and caramelised pastry, cream ganache and a splash of poire William eau DE vie.
rissole aux poires

seventh,off to Madrid.chocolate and churros
churros are fried pastry, dipped in hot chocolate for breakfast ,this is a creamy white chocolate smooth dark chocolate and hazelnut praline.
chocolate and churros

eighth off to Seville.Seville crisp
Seville is known for its oranges and marmalade.
milk chocolate and Seville orange oil.
Seville crisp

ninth off to Barcelona.salted almonds
caramelised almonds in chocolate,
salted almonds

tenth,off to Turin,gianduja crunch
gianduja was invented in Turin, they added  hazelnuts and created a smooth paste.
gianduja crunch

eleventh off to Milan.amaretti amore
ameretti,biscuits,amaretto liqueur.mixed with a mellow white chocolate  and amaretto  outside.
ameretti amore

twelfth,off to Venice.tiramisu
desserts don't come bigger than tiramisu.
featuring mascapone cream,white chocolate, coffee ganache,

thirteenth off to bologna,torta DI riso
rice tart,rice,almonds,praline,milk,eggs,raisins,vanilla custard.
torta DI riso

fourteenth,off to Florence,Florentine dream
a Florentine nutty chocolate all chewy and sweet.
caramel and hazelnut and praline.
Florentine dream

fifteenth, off to Pisa,vanilla pannacotta
traditional cooked cream,lots of vanilla and white chocolate.
vanilla pannacotta

sixteenth off to Rome.gelato truffle
ice cream ,vanilla ice cream,white ice-cream,white chocolate ,raspberry sauce,
gelato truffle

seventeenth off to Naples.limoncello
limonello ,ganache, dark chocolate.


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