Thursday, 30 April 2015


this month i have a new monthly subscription box to show you , 
the NANDEMOBOX kawaii edition for may,
do you want a cute box of fun products from japan well get on the kawaii thrill. 
in each box you will receive a collection of plushy toys ,pens pencils, toys,stickers, washi or stationary,to name  few ,
you can buy NANDEMOBOX KAWAII box for $35.00
the box is found here KAWAII BOX.

THE MAY EDITION is all about new beginnings.
 school ,work,marriage,new life ,
there are 8 products this month in the box.
this to me was a really good first box with some good brands and products for what i was looking for . overall i am pleased .the box took a week to get to the UK and had no customs hold ups or charges,


this is a large soft plushy cat pencil case ,with a cute cats head,
this is a large size and fits in plenty ,

hello kitty's friend this is an egg shaped character ,the note book is a great size for notes and for carrying around.
the notebook is lined all through.

 the cute egg shaped character is plastered over the this ruler ,a handy size for on the go.

these are cute animal clips and they are going to be perfect to use in my life planner for keeping things in tact.

the now famous relaxed lazy bear is such a popular status cult product.
a great mechanical pencil with replaceable lead,
and a great design.

a tub of spare lead for the pencil all in pretty packaging.

a bright highlighter which is erasable,with the standard lazy bear pattern over .

also in the box but not in the list was a 
pretty packaging for the pencil eraser,

will i get this box again id love to ,it has a fun addictive and cute side and the products are great, the box is well thought out and has a good theme each month, 
the cost of the box is good and shipping is free worldwide, 
if you are looking for a kawaii theme box maybe take a look at this company,
they also do  build your own kit as well which I'm interested in .

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

NANDEMOBOX may edition.

 This box is a PR SAMPLE .

good evening its been a while ,
tonight i am bringing you a box that was sent to me for reviewing ,
when i first came across this box it was just setting up and the first box was being sent out, so i thought i would try it out, 
i love my subscription boxes and love candy boxes from around the world so WHY NOT.
so NANDEMOBOX is a company still freshly sprouted and gaining a name on social media sites. you can never have enough companies that ship worldwide especially as the UK and Europe seem to miss out enough on loads of treats.
NANDEMO translates  to mean anything. NANDEMOBOX  is located in Osaka japan.
the box cost $25 .00 and ships worldwide ,buy here snack box
each box contains a pound in candy ,dummies,chocolate and such and each box always has 1 DIYkit to make.
payment is done with paypal for piece of mind.
my box arrived in under a week,

so the box is a deep well packaged and filled cardboard box,and is sturdy for international postal services, 
my box had no issues with customs  and arrived in the UK by royal mail,

the may theme is TO NEW THINGS,
in japan may is when students graduate ,workers start new jobs and settle into new environments,
also the weather gets hotter,

my box,


menu info card,

i love these having tried an toffee apple flavour, this is the pear version and yes wow,these are all individually wrapped ,
they are so crispy,almonds and pear dipped in chocolate,this is kind of  like a Florentine biscuit from Europe but the sharp pear cuts through it and has such a sharp flavour.

okameage is fried rice ,these are crispy crunchy rice crackers.these are snack size so they are great for on the go,
these are tasty and are great to munch on.

this is the spring summer flavour ,rich creamy cheesecake flavour, the crisp outer biscuit blends well with the smooth creamy custard filling,
you don't need to each many of these and they last well, a great box of snacks,
we love the cute pictures on the biscuit shells with these boxes.

to celebrate may with bright colours this fruit flavoured coloured popcorn does the trick at brightening the month up.
this fruit popcorn is made in NARA PREFECTURE,the purple is grape the red is strawberry and the orange is orange and yellow is indeed lemon flavoured, 
totally a different type of flavour than we get in the UK.

a grape flavoured sherbet dibdab with a lolly that you did into the sherbet.
a great combo..

these are sealife gummies with a cola flavour and fruity flavour.
inside is a collectors card as well, 
these come in a plastic mould and you peel them out to eat , tasty and didn't last long.

four fruit hard gummy sweets they have a hard shell but soft and chewy inside ,
a popular kids sweet in japan i can see why, we shared the flavours out and they don't strongly flavour sweets and candy in japan ,these were very delicate.

peko chan is a cute and popular character in japan ,she has a cute sticker pack included ,these foil wrapped chocolate pencils are great for sharing ,
the chocolate is not like european chocolate as its not overly sweet.

i got the bear edition, this is a DIY kit making makes cute chocolate bear faces , simply follow the you tube video or pictures on the back .

these are great chews to eat ,soft candy and you will eat the whole pack in one go,the flavour is banpeiyu which is pomelo, an orange and grapefruit hybrid fruit ,they are huge in size, and very dry tasting.
inside is small pieces of juicy gummy sweets.

ok so this was a good first box for us and we really enjoyed it ,it contained a great selection of sweets and candy, and minimal chocolate a bonus, this is a great value box and extremely fast shipping,we look forward to going forward with this company,well worth trying this box out if you like your candy and subscription boxes ,
check out their kawaii box they sell as well.

this box was sent for reviewing purposes and all thoughts were mine and my sons, we were not influenced in our overall feelings for this box ,we have been truthful and all photos were taken by myself,we have not been paid for this post,

Friday, 17 April 2015

okashi connection april box,

its that time when all my candy subscriptions all turn up in one week and i spend the following week eating my way through the boxes and reviewing with my taste tester son

               OKASHI CONNECTION.
this is a Japanese candy and snack subscription box that comes out every month and is shipped world wide for $22.00 .postage is included in the price,
shipped direct from Tokyo,it takes about 2 weeks to get to the UK.
once opened you go onto the members blog and there you will find out about all the products in the box.
the box contains about a pound or 450g weight of candy and snacks which focus on seasonal items rather than weird filler items.
OK so on opening the box i knew this subscription was going to be a keeper.

also this month i was invited to buy the add on ,these you go to a link and then you can purchase as many of the items  as you want, i passed this month as it was chocolate,
you can find okashi connection here okashi connection website 
please add my referral code ljblog to the box when signing up thank you.

O-Sushi-ya-San Gumi
peach ,banana and lemon flavours.these are build your own sushi gummy sweets the white rice one is banana and the other shapes are lemon and peach.
these are great to build flavour combos with , and taste really nice.

Onion Salad Umaibo AND Chicken Curry Umaibo
these crispy wafer snacks are very tasty the spring onion flavour is great , and the curry flavoured one is not too strong, i really like it ,they are a puffed corn type snack,

Disney Friend Choco
these are mini chocolate mouse shaped sweets in a disney holder,
my son ate these and they were tasty.we got chocolate and strawberry.

Apple and Carrot Kit-Kats
i really like these and have had them before,these kit Kat's are really creamy, and don't be fooled by the fact they have carrot in as you can't taste it .these are quite a rich texture and are only released for eater time in japan.

Cider Cotton Candy
this is a ramune soda flavour, cotton candy, the cotton candy is not as sweet as the UK and American version ,it has the specific ramune flavour and smell to it,

Puchi-Puchi Fortune Ramune
these little fortune candy are in a sheet like tablets come in, they have a crispy outer shell,taste like soda and these are fun, once you pop the candy from the pod the back of the foil has a shape and it tells you one of many things,
When you pop out the candy, on the inside of the foil backing will be either a double-circle for “excellent”, a circle for “pretty good”, a triangle for “normal”, or an X for “not good”. The categories for “your luck in/with ___”, from top to bottom, left to right:

Insight, style, hobby, playtime, school, sports, pocket money, selfishness, love, shopping, cram school, conversations, patience/perseverance, going out, image change, games, dating, fate.

Maken Gumi Energy Drink
this gummy has the flavour of the energy drink, the gummy is in a form from rock ,paper,scissors.

frozen Choco Biscuits
these are light fluffy and creamy chocolate biscuits ,great for dipping in milk,
each biscuit  has a snowflake ,name or character on them ,the chocolate is not too strong.

Ottotto Salty Crackers
these are salty crackers and are great with drinks, 
there are 2 packets inside this box and they are great in soup or with chilli,
they are hollow corn crackers and so light and crispy.

Mini Country Ma’am Vanilla Cookies
4 packets of vanilla cookies ,don't mind if i do.
each cookie has a chocolate filling in the centre and are great for snacks, lunches ,with coffee,or for dunking in milk, these are tasty and i enjoyed eating these on the way home from work after a full service in a kitchen ,who needs food when you can have cookies ,

this is a good box this month ,even with sweet and savoury and I'm happy with the choices we got this time, this box is still valid for money and fast shipping to the uk,
my only thing I'm finding anoying is that in the uk we miss a chance to buy the add on each month as its released via email in the early hours of the  morning and when we wake up they are sold out, i miss buying the add on packs,

Thursday, 16 April 2015

OYATSU box the april edition,

so its that time of month when our candy  subscriptions start hitting home, so what is oyatsu box all about,
the oyatsu box is based in japan  and started up last year after the staff at the oyatsu cafe decided to it was time to send some fun to the rest of the world.
oyatsu box can be found here.WEBSITE.
each box contains over a pound of candy,snacks,Japanese  merch.
there are 2 types of box to subscribe too-
the full sized box 8-14 products for $25.00
the junior box 2-3 products for $7.99
oyatsu box brings to us all kinds of sweet and savoury foods ,sweets and snacks, from all over japan  just so we can taste and try out what the other side of the world are finding great to eat.

lets see what this month brings to us to snack on.


this is a restock of the popular kit,
this kit makes a vine that you twist and twirl in to a special mixture and the end result are tasty gummies,
these are easy to make and prepare and even easier to eat ,
picture instructions are on the back of packet and fool proof.
fun to make and taste good,

these are a pocky like snack.
made from real butter,and whipped chocolate cream.there are 3 packets of Fran and 3 large cookie sticks.

cute Japanese biscuits these are so good these biscuits i have yet to get a flavour i have not liked ,so this cheesecake filling is sweet but creamy and very Moorish.impressed again.

curry mesh is a piece of rice and is a mascot for Japanese curry,
the triangle corn shaped crisps these are curried polinki.
we loved these and they were so addictive they didn't last 5 minutes,

a Japanese popular chewing gum ,this is a dragonballz edition, inside is stick  gum the flavour is kumehame Hawaii,(tropical flavour).
the has built in fresher and only found in japan,

these oreos are only being released in japan at present ,the matcha latte flavour is a great filling sandwiched between the original oreo biscuit,
then put into tiny bite size pieces.
perfect for travel or on the go ,i found these strong,as I'm not a matcha kind of girl,

this is flavoured with ramune soda a great traditional soda found in japan,its unique in that the candy has popping cotton candy inside that turns to gum,wata means cotton if you was wondering,
pachi is Japanese for popping,
these were really nice and i liked they texture and taste of this product.

these are a traditional classic, 
umaibo are chocolate corn puffs.
and as you eat it the texture changes to a creamy mix and they really taste nice.
think corn crisps but in a dry chocolate form,

peach flavoured gummy candies.these are shaped liked fettuccine pasta,they are chewy and really tasty ,the peach is fragrant, great for all candy and gummy lovers,these jelly gummy sweets are always so tasty , real fragrant peaches,

a different type of gummy in that they are split into two flavours,cola and lemon.or soda and grape.
each together of singles or mix and match them up for new flavours.
those taste sour and fizzy , but a great flavour combo,

gashapon capsule toys are epic popular over japan ,they have branded goods in them and even big name merch inside.
there are now even gashapon stores lines floor to ceiling popping up over the country as people clamber to collect them and find limited edition and rare finds,these are high quality products not like the ones found in the machines found outside sweet shops since the 70's in the UK.

so a good box this month for April, a good selection and the only thing not keen on was the matcha latte,
i love gummy sweets and gum and candy ,i also love anything with  grape in which is so not cool in the UK.
looking forward to the may edition to arrive now, good value for money and it took a week to ship and arrive in the UK, no customs issues like normal either, all well packed in a box,
i also love the added gashapon now days in the box its fun to see which one we all receive and collect on instagram,