Friday, 17 April 2015

okashi connection april box,

its that time when all my candy subscriptions all turn up in one week and i spend the following week eating my way through the boxes and reviewing with my taste tester son

               OKASHI CONNECTION.
this is a Japanese candy and snack subscription box that comes out every month and is shipped world wide for $22.00 .postage is included in the price,
shipped direct from Tokyo,it takes about 2 weeks to get to the UK.
once opened you go onto the members blog and there you will find out about all the products in the box.
the box contains about a pound or 450g weight of candy and snacks which focus on seasonal items rather than weird filler items.
OK so on opening the box i knew this subscription was going to be a keeper.

also this month i was invited to buy the add on ,these you go to a link and then you can purchase as many of the items  as you want, i passed this month as it was chocolate,
you can find okashi connection here okashi connection website 
please add my referral code ljblog to the box when signing up thank you.

O-Sushi-ya-San Gumi
peach ,banana and lemon flavours.these are build your own sushi gummy sweets the white rice one is banana and the other shapes are lemon and peach.
these are great to build flavour combos with , and taste really nice.

Onion Salad Umaibo AND Chicken Curry Umaibo
these crispy wafer snacks are very tasty the spring onion flavour is great , and the curry flavoured one is not too strong, i really like it ,they are a puffed corn type snack,

Disney Friend Choco
these are mini chocolate mouse shaped sweets in a disney holder,
my son ate these and they were tasty.we got chocolate and strawberry.

Apple and Carrot Kit-Kats
i really like these and have had them before,these kit Kat's are really creamy, and don't be fooled by the fact they have carrot in as you can't taste it .these are quite a rich texture and are only released for eater time in japan.

Cider Cotton Candy
this is a ramune soda flavour, cotton candy, the cotton candy is not as sweet as the UK and American version ,it has the specific ramune flavour and smell to it,

Puchi-Puchi Fortune Ramune
these little fortune candy are in a sheet like tablets come in, they have a crispy outer shell,taste like soda and these are fun, once you pop the candy from the pod the back of the foil has a shape and it tells you one of many things,
When you pop out the candy, on the inside of the foil backing will be either a double-circle for “excellent”, a circle for “pretty good”, a triangle for “normal”, or an X for “not good”. The categories for “your luck in/with ___”, from top to bottom, left to right:

Insight, style, hobby, playtime, school, sports, pocket money, selfishness, love, shopping, cram school, conversations, patience/perseverance, going out, image change, games, dating, fate.

Maken Gumi Energy Drink
this gummy has the flavour of the energy drink, the gummy is in a form from rock ,paper,scissors.

frozen Choco Biscuits
these are light fluffy and creamy chocolate biscuits ,great for dipping in milk,
each biscuit  has a snowflake ,name or character on them ,the chocolate is not too strong.

Ottotto Salty Crackers
these are salty crackers and are great with drinks, 
there are 2 packets inside this box and they are great in soup or with chilli,
they are hollow corn crackers and so light and crispy.

Mini Country Ma’am Vanilla Cookies
4 packets of vanilla cookies ,don't mind if i do.
each cookie has a chocolate filling in the centre and are great for snacks, lunches ,with coffee,or for dunking in milk, these are tasty and i enjoyed eating these on the way home from work after a full service in a kitchen ,who needs food when you can have cookies ,

this is a good box this month ,even with sweet and savoury and I'm happy with the choices we got this time, this box is still valid for money and fast shipping to the uk,
my only thing I'm finding anoying is that in the uk we miss a chance to buy the add on each month as its released via email in the early hours of the  morning and when we wake up they are sold out, i miss buying the add on packs,

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