Tuesday, 28 April 2015

NANDEMOBOX may edition.

 This box is a PR SAMPLE .

good evening its been a while ,
tonight i am bringing you a box that was sent to me for reviewing ,
when i first came across this box it was just setting up and the first box was being sent out, so i thought i would try it out, 
i love my subscription boxes and love candy boxes from around the world so WHY NOT.
so NANDEMOBOX is a company still freshly sprouted and gaining a name on social media sites. you can never have enough companies that ship worldwide especially as the UK and Europe seem to miss out enough on loads of treats.
NANDEMO translates  to mean anything. NANDEMOBOX  is located in Osaka japan.
the box cost $25 .00 and ships worldwide ,buy here snack box
each box contains a pound in candy ,dummies,chocolate and such and each box always has 1 DIYkit to make.
payment is done with paypal for piece of mind.
my box arrived in under a week,

so the box is a deep well packaged and filled cardboard box,and is sturdy for international postal services, 
my box had no issues with customs  and arrived in the UK by royal mail,

the may theme is TO NEW THINGS,
in japan may is when students graduate ,workers start new jobs and settle into new environments,
also the weather gets hotter,

my box,


menu info card,

i love these having tried an toffee apple flavour, this is the pear version and yes wow,these are all individually wrapped ,
they are so crispy,almonds and pear dipped in chocolate,this is kind of  like a Florentine biscuit from Europe but the sharp pear cuts through it and has such a sharp flavour.

okameage is fried rice ,these are crispy crunchy rice crackers.these are snack size so they are great for on the go,
these are tasty and are great to munch on.

this is the spring summer flavour ,rich creamy cheesecake flavour, the crisp outer biscuit blends well with the smooth creamy custard filling,
you don't need to each many of these and they last well, a great box of snacks,
we love the cute pictures on the biscuit shells with these boxes.

to celebrate may with bright colours this fruit flavoured coloured popcorn does the trick at brightening the month up.
this fruit popcorn is made in NARA PREFECTURE,the purple is grape the red is strawberry and the orange is orange and yellow is indeed lemon flavoured, 
totally a different type of flavour than we get in the UK.

a grape flavoured sherbet dibdab with a lolly that you did into the sherbet.
a great combo..

these are sealife gummies with a cola flavour and fruity flavour.
inside is a collectors card as well, 
these come in a plastic mould and you peel them out to eat , tasty and didn't last long.

four fruit hard gummy sweets they have a hard shell but soft and chewy inside ,
a popular kids sweet in japan i can see why, we shared the flavours out and they don't strongly flavour sweets and candy in japan ,these were very delicate.

peko chan is a cute and popular character in japan ,she has a cute sticker pack included ,these foil wrapped chocolate pencils are great for sharing ,
the chocolate is not like european chocolate as its not overly sweet.

i got the bear edition, this is a DIY kit making set.it makes cute chocolate bear faces , simply follow the you tube video or pictures on the back .

these are great chews to eat ,soft candy and you will eat the whole pack in one go,the flavour is banpeiyu which is pomelo, an orange and grapefruit hybrid fruit ,they are huge in size, and very dry tasting.
inside is small pieces of juicy gummy sweets.

ok so this was a good first box for us and we really enjoyed it ,it contained a great selection of sweets and candy, and minimal chocolate a bonus, this is a great value box and extremely fast shipping,we look forward to going forward with this company,well worth trying this box out if you like your candy and subscription boxes ,
check out their kawaii box they sell as well.

this box was sent for reviewing purposes and all thoughts were mine and my sons, we were not influenced in our overall feelings for this box ,we have been truthful and all photos were taken by myself,we have not been paid for this post,

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