Thursday, 28 February 2013

Darphin glossyboxuk ,it's arrived.

Hello everyone . Today I have received my flash box from glossy box UK. by
So a little bit of background of darphin , it goes back to 1958, Pierre darphin opened his beauty institute In Paris to offer there clients customised beauty program's for there needs.
Using botany and skin analysis, has remained effective and indulgent.

for the glossy box you could use between 2 boxes.
Sensitive skin - Or- hydration expert for £13 ( hydration box sold out). 4 samples in each box .
Glossy box can be found here .

this is a 4 step program to intensely moisturise and quench your skin.

Here's the darphin box unveiling ,

Darphin flash box

Contents .
Darphin hydration expert

AZAHAR. cleansing micellar water.200 ml rrp £23. Sample size50ml
All in one no rinse , soothing cleanser for face , eyes,lips, Good for sensitive eyes and skin prone to redness and irritants.
Use am&pm using cotton pads. was very good at removing any dirt and grime bit like biotherm.
micellar cleansing water.

HYDRA SKIN .intensive skin-hydrating serum .30ml rrp£41 sample given 5ml
A serum concentrated with pomegranate to instantly deliver hydration .
Use 5 pumps over cleansed skin and massage up wards .
Sample was way to small to try for a few days . was good as is any serum just way too small to see if better than the normal brand i use.
Intensive hydrating serum

HYDRA SKIN. Essential. 24 hr all day emulsion.50ml.rrp£32 sample given.15ml
An emulsion good for all skin types, high performance given from salicornia herbacea, and butterfly lavender. This reignites the skin moisture.
a lovely cream and made my skin feel plumper and non greasy.
hydraskin essential emulsion. mask.75ml rrp £29.sample given.15ml
A refreshing mask of Shea butter, vitamin.e, pomegranate,kiwi and mango extracts that sink into dry parched skin.
a lovely cream mask it wasn't too thick ,but lifted the skin lovely ,the kiwi made my skin a little tingly while on .
hydrating kiwi mask.
all in all one of the better limited edition /flash boxes .the fact there was a better choice due to skin choice was a very good idea ,hence why the hydrating one sold out first.
i don't buy all of these boxes but this one really caught my eye.
so did you buy this or not still available on line if not .did you get the sensitive skin one what was that like did it compere well.
thank you for reading and please leave a comment and i always reply .

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

a little shop haul around town

so i thought i would pop in a few shops i would not normally  do.
so boots i popped in to a larger store as our one in town is small,
so looking at cleansers i tried a brand from what i often get in my monthly sub boxes.
weleda almond sensitive skin soothing cleansing lotion.fragrance free.£8.50
weleda almond sensitive skin.
 this contains plum kernel oil,mild almond oil,
i found it rather too thick to use on my face daily and  had to scrub at my skin.defeated the object really.

models own clear lip gloss .£5
this is non sticky and clear , I'm always on a look out for a clear  gloss and  although ive tried there nail polishes and find then thin and lacking substance i thought i would try something else.
models own clear gloss.

and my main buy which I'm loving ,

nails inc. kensington gel effect plumping top coat.£12
the must have top coat,this gives the look of there famous gel nails with out the use of uv lamps.
this technique uses triple polymer technology,your plumping top gives a look of smooth plumped nails giving instant volume and shine.
helps your nails from fading,chipping,breaking.
nails inc kensington gel effect top coat.

Monday, 25 February 2013


hello everyone ,welcome to my latest beauty box sub for february .
                                                                 LUXBOX .
luxbox can be found here.

so heres my box

heres the big unveiling .
luxbox contents

and here the products we have been given this month so lets commence.

BALM BALM. single note edp ylang ylang.rrp £15,  12ml  and size given as well.
a single note 100% organic edp. made with ylang ylang essential oil,pure grain alcohol,
wonderful and exotic and sensuous,can used on its own or mixed with any other single note perfume from the range.
on label on bottle it says care to be taken on use in pregnancy,if you have high blood pressure,suffer from the uk it shouldn't be used .
other scents available,bergamot,mandarin,rose geranium,lavender,spearmint,petit grain.
balm balm edp ylang ylang

THE VINTAGE COSMETIC COMPANY retractable lip brush rrp £7,
made from natural bristles the lip brush is cased in a silver cover.
the vintage cosmetic company lip pencil

MURAD, POMEGRANATE EXFOLIATING MASK .rrp £25 for 6 treatments ,sample given a small sachet.
an zingy  antioxidant rich face mask. restores,revitalises and balances, use 2-3 times a week. its suppose to blast black heads and any trapped dirt in your skin to leave it clean and invigorated.
contains,pomegranate extract,ginko bilbo extract. natural fruit enzymes. .
murad pomegranate mask

INIKA,NEW AND EXCLUSIVE TO LUXBOX ,rose hip creme,colour for cheeks,and lips. rrp £22, size 2g.
well all the way from Australia this brand is bunny friendly veggie friendly,
creme me for cheeks and lips is fully moisturising, and doesn't drag on the skin. contains jojoba oil,vitamin e,carnauba wax,rich in pigment,that makes your cheeks look flushed all day.
inika limited edition.

COLOUR ME BEAUTIFUL.crimson lip pencil .rrp £7.50. this lip pencil shapes,defines, and gives definition.use to complement your lipstick or gloss.
so basically its just another lip pencil .
colour me beautiful lip pencil.

crimson lip pencil,crimson.

so  i don't really know what to say about this box ,i really don't.
have you ordered one please let me know if you have a better one or a different scent or colours.
what do you think of the box, personally its just not for me .maybe others will like theres.
thank you for reading and please comment below.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Stila order

Hello everyone , I thought I'd show you what I ordered from stila . You can shop online here .
So I have to say I've always liked the stila lip glaze since I managed to get some shipped over many years ago . My cafe latte was a standard glaze I wore.
So as I looked on line I found certain things kept falling into my basket whoops .

stila haul

So I usually buy singles in lip products, but I loved this haul.
I found a few sets .

All is bright lip glaze set .£12.95.
all is bright lip glaze set
  colours are ;left-right-believe,kitten,dreamy,starfruit,apricot,kaleidoscope,fantasy,grapefruit.
all is bright swatches 
 next up
winter lip glaze set. £16.00
winter lip glaze set
colours are left--right-sugar plum,jolly,jingle,joy,black cherry,holly,splendor,jack frost.
winter lip glaze swatches

E!lip glaze trio warm .  E LIVE FROM THE RED CARPET.£8.40

live from the red carpet.
Elip live from the red carpet swatches
and a single  ,water melon lip glaze £15..00
stila watermelon

watermelon swatch

then i read the leaflet included and found that omg they released skin care collection ,
prices range from £12.50- £32.00  also 2 x try me sample sets .3 piece.£10.00 and 5 x piece £18.00

after reading this i now need to buy the gentle skin renewal scrub and the revitalising gel cleanser, and most definitely stay all day 10-in-1 hd beauty balm.
thanks for reading and feel free to comment. 

Saturday, 23 February 2013

HOT from Japan Yu.BE skin cream.

hello everyone ,I'm so excited with my new product i love it.
so Ive suddenly been looking up skin care and cosmetics from japan,china,Korea,the past 2 months and found that one is coming to the UK finally .

so here is Yu.BE.          pronounced YOO-BEE.

A LITTLE INFO ;in 1957 a young pharmacist name Yoshikiyo  Nowatari, first introduced his now famous concentrated glycerin moisturising cream.
generations of families have been brought up on it as there skin care.a uniquely high glycerin and absorbability that has been achieved through a special manufacturing system  that has made this product so good and effective on really dry skin,that puts it ahead of others on the market.
Yu.BE . also contains vitamin E and vitamin B2,  vitamin C,and camphor helps with irritations. sodium hyaluronate retains moisture to smooth rough skin and smooth lines.

this can be used on the body Good for face ,knees,elbows, knees,feet.,lips to protect from the harsh cold,water,sun. also helps heal cuticles if split.
a non greasy formula leaves skin soft all day and night.
contains no artificial colours or fragrance.

Ive been wearing this for a week now and i love it .and sinks in so well.
next i  really really want to try the YU.BE moisturising body lotion and definitely the YU.BE foaming skin polish  and YU.BE lip therapy.

can now be found on -line at boots here.

thank you for reading my blog ,do you have this ,or have you tried it yet what do you think ,please leave me a comment and i will definitely rely thank you.

Friday, 22 February 2013


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February.hotel Chocolat tasting club

So I got my next chocolate tasting box through.
So each 8 weeks I get my box posted through the letter box and well.
You can find the link here..

So here is my box

And the unveiling.

Nutty coffee,
A lovely strong but smooth coffee chocolate
nutty coffee

St Remy truffle.
Strong but sweet at the same time,
st remy ruffle

Salted caramel & nibs,
A crisp chocolate covered a smooth silky caramel.a crispy nibs on top,sweet but sickly.
salted caramel & nibs

No 3 gin truffle.
A strong but sharp chocolate.
no 3 gin truffle

Hazelnut kiss.
A kiss milk and white chocolate with a slight nuttiness of praline seeping through.
hazelnut kiss

Smokey paprika praline.
A little to smoked paprika in here it would of been better in dark chocolate .it didn't seem to work with milk chocolate.
smokey paprika praline

Between the nuts.
Hazelnuts chocolate what more to say.
between the nuts

38% milk chocolate batons.
Straight up crisp milk chocolate.
38%milk chocolate batons

Honey and apple strudel.
Crisp chocolate with a subtle honey ,cinnamon,apple. You get it all from this little number ,you can imagine eating a real apple strudel .
honey and apple strudel

Zesty pot of chocolate,
Not zesty but definitely zingy,a bit odd really but creamy
zesty pot of chocolate

so roll on my next box in April ,my Easter egg box will be arriving for tasting next.
have you got the tasting bug .why not do a one off box and see.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Lush haul Canterbury uk

So we went shopping and I grabbed a few things from the Easter collection ,I'm now finished and own plenty of it.
so lush on line can be found here.
lush Canterbury can be found here.
So here's my mini haul.
my local Canterbury lush they are fab
my little lush.

So next is the bright side £4.25 200g
This is the same size as,blue skies and the comforter bubble bar.
The brightside oozes citrus over load ,think fizzy tango,freshly peeled mandarin ,
It's vibrant orange ,pink ,red ,makes,you feel so woken up ,
It's so strong it makes a lovely bath.contains mandarin oil ,tangerine oil,bergamot .

Skin drink face cream £11.95. 45g
Skin drink face cream for my teen son ,we had a face consultation and decided on this one also
includes organic sesame seed oil,evening primrose oil,cocoa butter,avocado,aloe vera,rose petal  infusion,rose absolute ,neroli.
 2samples of others to try and see if they suit him.
she  must of done something as it used it on his face on the train home.
face cream. skin drink,samples.

    avobath  £3.20 100g
Always forget this basic one but got one last month and I had forgotten how good it was ,
Avocado,green lustre,lemongrass,virgin olive oil.
A real zingy little number and moisturising too.

 washing up fairy wand £3.25
I still have half of last years one left ,but after being caught out last month with no washing up liquid ,I soon used the wand ,
You only need a little or it leaves a film over everything ,citrus, a real lemon feel.
Lasts for ages and the only wand of any use as far as I say ,the others are a let down and purely gimmicky and not overly scented.
washing up fairy wand.

well as i needed t take back my black tubs i got 2 face masks.
(if you take 5 black tubs or solid perfume tubes, all washed an clean ,you can pick up  a free tub of face mask or a tub of hair doctor.)

Catastrophe cosmetic face mask £5. 95.  75g
Fully packed with blueberry's works well on teen skin,
catastrophe cosmetic

Cosmetic warrior. £5.95.  75g
This smells like Mr sheen furniture polish ,has garlic in it ,but if you can get past the smell it a fab face mask .probably the leaves the skin smooth ,line free,blemish free.i love this one it doesn't make the skin tight either.

cosmetic warrior

and i need to get my son some more hankies and he always get 2 of the new ones out so we got 2 Mr foxy.

foxy knot wrap 
so i thought i let you know what else i thought ,I'm so glad we have a store in Canterbury UK,i love the girls there they are attentive and definitely not in your face and demanding like one of the stores near by,they have been well trained and defiantly know there products, and ingredients,i think along with the casual relaxed atmosphere in store they will be very busy this year as Canterbury has so many locals and covers many areas not including the multi national customers from France,Germany,Netherlands,china,japan,that visit Canterbury,so if your you fancy a visit make your way to lush Canterbury and say hello.
also if your looking for a kids party ,adult party ,leaving party,face mask party,baby shower ,pop on in and ask for details or contact via email or Facebook page.Email:  and