Thursday, 21 February 2013

Lush haul Canterbury uk

So we went shopping and I grabbed a few things from the Easter collection ,I'm now finished and own plenty of it.
so lush on line can be found here.
lush Canterbury can be found here.
So here's my mini haul.
my local Canterbury lush they are fab
my little lush.

So next is the bright side £4.25 200g
This is the same size as,blue skies and the comforter bubble bar.
The brightside oozes citrus over load ,think fizzy tango,freshly peeled mandarin ,
It's vibrant orange ,pink ,red ,makes,you feel so woken up ,
It's so strong it makes a lovely bath.contains mandarin oil ,tangerine oil,bergamot .

Skin drink face cream £11.95. 45g
Skin drink face cream for my teen son ,we had a face consultation and decided on this one also
includes organic sesame seed oil,evening primrose oil,cocoa butter,avocado,aloe vera,rose petal  infusion,rose absolute ,neroli.
 2samples of others to try and see if they suit him.
she  must of done something as it used it on his face on the train home.
face cream. skin drink,samples.

    avobath  £3.20 100g
Always forget this basic one but got one last month and I had forgotten how good it was ,
Avocado,green lustre,lemongrass,virgin olive oil.
A real zingy little number and moisturising too.

 washing up fairy wand £3.25
I still have half of last years one left ,but after being caught out last month with no washing up liquid ,I soon used the wand ,
You only need a little or it leaves a film over everything ,citrus, a real lemon feel.
Lasts for ages and the only wand of any use as far as I say ,the others are a let down and purely gimmicky and not overly scented.
washing up fairy wand.

well as i needed t take back my black tubs i got 2 face masks.
(if you take 5 black tubs or solid perfume tubes, all washed an clean ,you can pick up  a free tub of face mask or a tub of hair doctor.)

Catastrophe cosmetic face mask £5. 95.  75g
Fully packed with blueberry's works well on teen skin,
catastrophe cosmetic

Cosmetic warrior. £5.95.  75g
This smells like Mr sheen furniture polish ,has garlic in it ,but if you can get past the smell it a fab face mask .probably the leaves the skin smooth ,line free,blemish free.i love this one it doesn't make the skin tight either.

cosmetic warrior

and i need to get my son some more hankies and he always get 2 of the new ones out so we got 2 Mr foxy.

foxy knot wrap 
so i thought i let you know what else i thought ,I'm so glad we have a store in Canterbury UK,i love the girls there they are attentive and definitely not in your face and demanding like one of the stores near by,they have been well trained and defiantly know there products, and ingredients,i think along with the casual relaxed atmosphere in store they will be very busy this year as Canterbury has so many locals and covers many areas not including the multi national customers from France,Germany,Netherlands,china,japan,that visit Canterbury,so if your you fancy a visit make your way to lush Canterbury and say hello.
also if your looking for a kids party ,adult party ,leaving party,face mask party,baby shower ,pop on in and ask for details or contact via email or Facebook page.Email:  and

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