Friday, 22 February 2013

February.hotel Chocolat tasting club

So I got my next chocolate tasting box through.
So each 8 weeks I get my box posted through the letter box and well.
You can find the link here..

So here is my box

And the unveiling.

Nutty coffee,
A lovely strong but smooth coffee chocolate
nutty coffee

St Remy truffle.
Strong but sweet at the same time,
st remy ruffle

Salted caramel & nibs,
A crisp chocolate covered a smooth silky caramel.a crispy nibs on top,sweet but sickly.
salted caramel & nibs

No 3 gin truffle.
A strong but sharp chocolate.
no 3 gin truffle

Hazelnut kiss.
A kiss milk and white chocolate with a slight nuttiness of praline seeping through.
hazelnut kiss

Smokey paprika praline.
A little to smoked paprika in here it would of been better in dark chocolate .it didn't seem to work with milk chocolate.
smokey paprika praline

Between the nuts.
Hazelnuts chocolate what more to say.
between the nuts

38% milk chocolate batons.
Straight up crisp milk chocolate.
38%milk chocolate batons

Honey and apple strudel.
Crisp chocolate with a subtle honey ,cinnamon,apple. You get it all from this little number ,you can imagine eating a real apple strudel .
honey and apple strudel

Zesty pot of chocolate,
Not zesty but definitely zingy,a bit odd really but creamy
zesty pot of chocolate

so roll on my next box in April ,my Easter egg box will be arriving for tasting next.
have you got the tasting bug .why not do a one off box and see.

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