Sunday, 3 February 2013

Nails inc lucky dip

So it's the time of year and nails inc have done there lucky dips , I decided I to order 2 and any I didn't like or want I'd just take in and give out to the girls , so 6 nails polishes for £15 , can't go wrong with that can you .as Many of us had hit the social media to vent of the multiple same polishes we got last year . Nails inc confirmed if we ordered up to 3 seperate dips they would be different , so today minThought I'd share my nails inc lucky dips as they all seem different.
Packet 1
Blenheim terrace
Greenwich park silver glitter
Caversham street
Westbourne grove neon
Fenchurch street 
Chelsea flower show

VIP resub. Chelsea and a random extra Walton place
Pack 2 
Better pack 
Belgrave mews
Heathrow matte
The west end star magnetic
Covent garden
Buckingham street glitter
Clifford street
e arrived , I also resubbed to my VIP at the same time and got my nail polish as well,
So what colours did you get.

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