Saturday, 16 February 2013

Candy Japan sub box service.

Hello everyone .
So in January I thought that I would look at subscription services around the world that ship to the uk.
Not just the beauty boxes concept.
So I decided on first stop sweets and I know I can buy from cyber candy and stateside candy but it's not the same so.
Say hello to candy Japan .
First up you are given a true manga style how to sign up instruction ,
Then what you get to do is try lots of various Japanese. Sweets,twice a month you will receive an envelope through your letter box containing a picked sweet of the month,
Sometimes these sweets are not what they seem and a video is uploaded on site and shown how to prepare or eat  or if they need an explanation it is shown and it makes the candy easier to eat.
$23.95 a month so that works out at 2 packages free wide world shipping .
Candy Japan can be found here .
I received kinoko no Yama .
Mini mushrooms (mushroom mountain in Japanese) .
each piece contains dark chocolate on the outer layer and milk on the inner layer and a cookie biscuit base,

Next up are fillers to fill the envelope up so a little piece of variety.
Chiroru milk ,
sold as tiny impulse items sold separately .chiroru milk is chocolate on the outside and cream on the inside .the cream tasted like a soured cream and it was very rich one piece is enough.

Hello kitty marshmallows.
Of course if you have sweets from Japan no sweet would be enough if it didn't have hello kitty packaging.So a light fluffy marshmallow with a chocolate cream centre .

Past and future candies to be included can be found here.

So I will be getting some more of these as it quirky.
So have you used this company or would you try it ,tell me what you think ,
Thankyou for reading.

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