Monday, 18 February 2013

all about beauty box january. late release

hello everyone its time again for my all about beauty box ,by select company .this month we are visiting
I'm currently really enjoying the trip round the world,each month a new country.from the comfort of the sofa  ,and less money than travelling.
a box costs £15 and with the new payment method its even quicker and easier ,you can pay with a rolling monthly,or 3/6/12 month your choice.
link here

so after a few emails i found out why  we hadn't received our boxes to find out many never received,and I'm truly gutted as i was dying to try products from Denmark but here is the email if you to are still waiting for your box.

An email was sent out to everyone explaining that a consignment of boxes was being returned to us as they apparently suffered flood damage, when we were informed of this we did not have, and still do not have the exact details of this particular consignment so alternative products have been sent to everyone and those whose products were damaged would then receive replacement products.
I know this has taken some time but we have been trying to make sure that there were no duplicate of products sent out and to ensure where possible that everyone received products which would be new to them, I am sure you can appreciate that this has been a very arduous task but thankfully the final 53 boxes have been collected this morning.

so here's the box of goodies all smell good,i will know explain the products .
so first up i received  Dr lauranne.perfect range. white day.moisturiser day cream.
a UV resistant cream,50ml .
next up from drlauranne, the moon life range. beauty eye gel, 30ml.
sorts out wrinkles ,quickly and effectively.
kipos revitalising mineral cleansing vitamin milk,.200ml.
enriched with vitamin a,e,and thermal trace left the skin soft and smooth,ideal for skin types even sensitive.
use before the toning water.

kipos toning soothing and energising lotion.200ml.
also packed with minerals.
Dr lauranne low protection sun cream.spf10.  200ml.
smells better than many lotions.
sinks into the skin well.
2 sachets,MD skincare,Dr Dennis gross,face peels.
two step system, alpha beta refining.and a neutralising system.
velvet touch sensitive bikini line ,pack of 3.
3 pads use these to remove hair without the use of shaving,wax,depilatories.
use it to rub away hairs.
velvet touch,deep face.
remove face hair wont use this bit have tried on some stray hairs on my teen son.
multiple sachets but have a good size usage.all Dr lauranne.
all in all I'm happy with the box as i never received it, I'm glad to of received the  box substitute rather than none at many box subs just wouldn't send anything .i would of loved to seen the box to be and hope it was good as do you get all about beauty box or have you received the substitute box due to damage,thank you for reading .feel free to comment .

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