Tuesday, 30 April 2013

latest in beauty ,editors picks,

so  i received my latest in beauty editors picks box.
i quite like these boxes as they are good value most of the time .
latest in beauty decided to put together a box with all currant and exclusive products on the market,sample the box products in your own time not in a rush decision in store.
I'm liking some of these products.
so £7.95+£2.95 p&p link here http://www.latestinbeauty.com/collections/collections/editor-s-faves.html

here it is in the new style box
latest in beauty editors picks box

Dr lipp original nipple balm for lips, 3ml
originally used by breastfeeding mums it made its way round to be a cult lip balm,
highly moisturising,and long lasting makes this a good multipurpose balm use on eye brows anything.its high in lanolin so can be used on cuticles,eczema,dry skin,
Dr lipp original nipple balm

balance me radiance face oil.10ml.
100%natural face oil with amazonian buriti nut oil,roman chamomile ,yarrow,benzoin to replenish your skin.
i tried  this last night and although the skin felt oily this morning after washing it felt really perky.

balance me radiance face oil.

espa lift and firm intensive eye serum 3ml and lift and firm moisturiser,7ml.
super active lift and firm eye serum,
lift and firm moisturiser.
the intensive eye serum contains a formula that nourishes and stimulates the eye area.while reducing lines and wrinkles.
the lift and firm moisturiser hydrates the skin,lifts and firms by the stimulants of sea amber and  anise extract,

Neom organic hand cream,50ml.
violet ,chamomile,cedar wood,acai ,argan oil,all help with anti oxidising,helps tighten the skin,good for anti ageing and nourishing,a lovely non greasy rich cream that sinks in the skin well.hands feel super soft.
Neom organic hand cream.

ancient ambiance goddess argan hand and body wash.50ml.
a luxury argan oil all over body wash.
a luxury argan oil all over body wash,vitamin,E,and natural anti oxidants,fragrance with coconut oil,vanilla,paprika,the vanilla and coconut comes through as top notes but subtle.
no synthetics,not animal tested,recycled packaging.
ancienne ambiance
goddess argan hand body wash.

Yardley polaire EDT,1ml.
the polaire fragrance journey opens with freshly fruity green top notes pf pear and freesia,and then you get blooming rose,ginger,pink pepper,and a base of patchouli and amber.
on first time i got pear,blooming rose and pink pepper,
after half an hour the ginger and freesia and patchouli come through to make a fresh scent that is rather nice.
Yardley polaire EDT.

Yardley English rose perfumed body spray,75ml.
this is a body spray full size and is actually quite nice once it has died down on the skin a bit ,it certainly doesn't smell as strong and old worldly like many years ago when your nan would buy it for you at Xmas,makes me wonder if Yardley have updated there scents over the years ,its delicate not full on smack rose down your throat .
Yardley English rose body fragrance.

all in all another good box from latest in beauty.have you got your box yet.

Monday, 29 April 2013

SKintroductions box

well i got a different box to review for you today,
this box is called skintroductions,
on there website they say we  are skin care matchmakers.
great skin products picked specially for your skin type ,
you can find it here for £10 free p&p http://www.skintroductions.com
choose your box from sensitive,dry ,normal,combination,oily,
i chose dry skin .
it says you will receive a couple of travel size samples and a couple of sachets ,
 well my box is here ,
inside you get a promo code 15FULLSIZE so you can buy the full size product from them on line.
you get a score card to fill out as well ,with a before ,start during and after results tick box system.
i liked this to try as all the other boxes are a bit samey now .
but overall good brands and it was nice to get for a change.
skintroductions box

 korres black pine anti wrinkle and firming day cream. 2x 1.5ml
for dry to very dry skin.korres is a brand from Greece,they like natural and or certified organic ingredients,this is one of there latest products,black pine has had some good research on preventing ageing .paraban,silicon,mineral oil free.
korres black pine

sophytos omega daily moisturiser.15ml.
natural and organic this moisturiser contains fatty acids,help with skin elasticity,so fewer wrinkles.
evening primrose oil,karate fruit,white peony flower.
sophytos omega moisturiser.

first aid beautys ultra repair cream,56.7g.
I've had this before in another box,this is there very generous sized sample size.can be used over the whole body.moisturises ,calms,soothes itchy skin,good on eczema,sinks into the skin well.
first aid beautys ultra repair cream.
all these products in this box are designed to be used for a month to see if they suit your skin.
here is the score card,

Friday, 26 April 2013

fortune cookie soap company. soaps and ocd order.

hello this is the last post until my wizard collection arrives so.
you can shop on line here.http://www.fortunecookiesoap.com
fortune soaps are well fortune cookie shaped .each have there own paper printed fortune to read.
these are hollow hand moulded soaps.each one gets over 20 washes from.

honeydew me.$3.29
spring line,
this lovely  bright soap even makes you feel warm and sunny.will certainly leave you screaming for melons.
you get the full on fresh cut honeydew ,watermelon,apple,cantaloupe, scents straight up.
fcs honeydew-me soap

glows in the dark soap.a real superman hater soap,strong green apple scent.
made with cosmetic grade glow in the dark powder for that full on kryptonite illusion.Share on facebookShare on twitterShare o
fcs kryptonite

caramel apples.$3.49
this green apple fortune cookie is smothered in sweet sticky caramel.
what more is there to loves this soap i find tends to warm the scents up when used in warm water.
fcs caramel apples

a nod to the hippies$3.29
spring line,
just got to say i wasn't to sure of this scent in my spring box but once i saw the soap had to buy one ,it was a good call as well.
patchouli,amber ,vanilla,makes this a truly relaxing scent.strong but earthy.
all you need is peace ,love,and fcs.
fcs a nod to the hippies.

go ahead with  this sweet all rainbows and kittens soap.
black and purple swirled into this mango,papaya,and candy corn soap.its really fresh and potent soap
fcs boogeyman

next fortune cookie ocd ,hand sanitisers.

i never get on with these things as they are too drying so I'm glad i took people advice and tried them ,I'm buying more.
fcs ocd contain glycerin,which moisturises,and stops drying,aloe Vera,soothing and healing,pro vitamin b-5,vitamin,E.
a proportion of sales from each bottle goes to ocd foundation.

honeydew-me ocd.$2.89
i got this with glitter as you have a choice of with or without.
this bright yellow liquid is quite a thick mixture.
full on honeydew,watermelon,cantaloupe,apple,vanilla.
fcs honeydew-me ocd

dirty hoe.$2.89
what happens in the garden stays in the garden,especially when a dirty hoe is involved.get as dirty as you like,don't worry we got your back.
this is full on earthy with the freshly cut grass thrown in ,a crisp fresh scent.
fcs dirty hoe ocd.

i wet my plants.$2.89
yes read it again there is  an L in there,
melon,jasmine,baby powder.
fcs i wet my plants

so what do you think of fcs products. have you tried them what do you think,are you tempted to try after reading my blogs,let me now please thank you .

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

fortune cookie soap bath bombs.

hello and welcome to my bath goodies post from my fortune cookie soap company order.
you can find  fortune cookie soap here http://www.fortunecookiesoap.com

so these are really foody scents, but not sickly sweet and smelt the house out after  will get more of there bombs and bars.

fortune cookie soap say this on there website,

Only Safe "Gunk Free" Ingredients

We are committed to formulating our soaps and bath products using only safe ingredients. All raw materials are rigorously researched not only for their therapeutic properties but also to make sure there are no harmful components. We don't use any of the following:
  • No parabens
  • No sodium lauryl sulfate
  • No synthetic preservatives
  • No animal testing!

 fresh blueberry gelato bath bomb.
this is deep fresh blueberries straight up.the Shea butter in this softens the skin well,mixed with milk and sugar.
willy wonka turned a girl into a blueberry,she properly never smelt like one .
hopefully this bath bomb won't make you swell up or turn blueberry .
this is good enough to eat ,comes with a spoon ,i use to smash some off and add to the bath ,

looks like a scoop of ice-cream in a coupe.
blueberry gelato bath bomb.
pink watermelon bath bomb.$6.99
this milk and sugar softened water ,Shea butter , and fresh watermelon.
this is slightly fragrant but without the over kill.think freshly cut wedge of watermelon and you just bitten into it with juice running over you,again i use the spoon to smash some up and put in the bath.

pink water melon gelato bath bomb.

cake batter gelato bath bomb.$6.99
sweet cake mix,deep vanilla,rich smelling,it has cake sprinkles mixed through the bomb.
smash a bit into the bath .the milky ,sugar bath mixed with the vanilla cake batter mix makes a relaxing bath ,the Shea butter softens the skin.
(the best way in the UK to explain the cake batter ,cupcake scent is vanilla butter cream).
cake batter gelato  bath bomb.

down to earth solid bubble bar $4.99
this is from there spring range ,
lavender and basil this is a real strong one,you get the the mellow lavender which lingers and scents the bath for hours ,then you get a top note of the herb basil cutting through.
a good fragrant bath .
it says 2-3 baths out of one but if you grate it in you get more than 6 baths out of this one bar.
it looks like a world globe ,

down to earth bubble bar.

moves like jager .$4.50
who doesn't want to moves  like jager. we do.
omg black licorice  overload ,it makes my nose all zingy.
so black liquorice and mountain dew makes you dance to the bath tub ,it sure does,
it says 1-2 baths but if you grate it you get more and more bubbles ,and still a good bath.
got to say i love this its going to be a staple buy i feel.
moves like jager .

so basically you can grate the bars ,smash them or use them whole its up to you but you still get the same results a lovely soothing softening bath, by grating you get more bubbles though.
thank you for reading ,have you tried these or will you now try them let me know .

another blog post coming up soon from fcs.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

fortune cookie soap company order whipped body butters/sugar scrubs.

hello everyone ,so part 2 of my blog is here for you all to read ,
you can find fortune cookie soap company here ,http://www.fortunecookiesoap.com
before you read on i should warn you there maybe a lot of omg ,if you have used or smelt there products you will understand if not get on line and shop ,it smells like fragrant,fresh ,fruits ,sweets,flowers etc.

all fortune cookie soap products are paraban free,no sls,no synthetic preservatives, no animal testing.

so  here we are ,

for st Patrick's day fcs brought out a whipped cream called lucky,
lucky whipped cream, $10.99
omg ,blueberries and marshmallow. the colour is pastel green.
this whipped body butter goes on so easy and sinks into the skin quickly ,the scent stays on the skin for ages and doesn't dry the skin either.
lucky whipped body cream

cupcake whipped body butter  cream,$10.99
this is a fcs best seller,
think vanilla  cake mix in a bowl its that sweet but doughy yellow colour,lightly scented not overly strong.but try not to eat it .
also i got
cupcake sugar scrub,$11.75
fcs best seller , think vanilla butter cream soft and fragrant.cake mix in a bowl.in a gentle sugar scrub.

cupcake sugar scrub,cupcake whipped body cream.

honeydew - me whipped body butter cream,$10.99
omg ,no other word but melon,melon,and more melon.
no seriously,honeydew ,cantaloupe,watermelon,apples and vanilla .so fresh and vibrant its cooling in the warm.bright yellow /green.
honeydew- me sugar scrub.$11.75
this seems even fruitier and fresher in a sugar scrub ,gentle on the skin but works wonder ,

honeydew -me whipped body cream,honeydew -me sugar scrub.

the birds and the bees sugar scrub,$11.75.
another little fruity number here strawberries,pomegranate,vanilla. in a baby blue pastel colour.

the birds and the bees sugar scrub.

so thanks for looking and next up will be bath bombs and bars. have you tried fortune cookie soap company stuff,are you thinking of trying something different.see you soon.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Fortune cookie soap company order

so hello everyone ,
my fortune cookie soap order has arrived and i think i will need to do some separate posts,
i thought after the spring box arrived i would order some of that as well.
so basically here it is below.
i decided on soaps ,whipped creams,sugar scrubs,bath bombs,hand sanitisers,lip scrubs.

so in this post i will include the lip scrubs ,i like these as they are in twist up tubes it makes it so much easier and less messy than the lush sugar scrubs.

itty bitty gritty caramel banana,$8.99
itty bitty gritty Irish cream,$8.99
rub on lips,wipe or lick off ,smile.
itty bitty gritty Irish cream,
itty bitty gritty caramel banana.

anyway please read my other blog posts comming up over the week ,
i just feel it would be better to do it this way rather than one huge post .see you soon.

Birchbox april box.

hello  and its Birchbox time .sorry its late I've been busy .
this month theme is  IN BLOOM.
birchbox can be found here.http://birchbox.co.uk
as for normal we have the birch box magazine ,lovely reading material this month,
Birchbox magazine

here is my April box,
Birchbox April.

Gerda spillmann renaissance age sérum.  sample given 3ml,  full size 30 ml £69
a rich antioxidant -enriched hero serum ,
Gerda spillmann age serum,

la société parisienne de savons ,sample given 50g so  full size.
fresh highly scented chic soap ,lovely vintage packaging ,smells of orange blossoms and daffodils after the rain.
savon a l eau DE cologne
la société parisenne DE savon.

weleda skin food sample given10ml full size  75ml,    £8.95
a really good all round moisturiser,softens heals and elbows, favourites by many including many celebrities like Victoria Beckham .rosemary ,almond oil,calandula,chamomile,
weleda skin food
skin food 

Natio renew radiance foam cleanser.sample given 20ml, full size  100g, £9.20
antioxidant lathering foam cleanser with vitamin ,c ,
natio renew radiance foam cleanser.

 mirenesse glossy kiss ,full size given £17.50,  4g

pop up pencil lip stick ,can be sharpened once worn down ,     shade given was perfect kiss.
a 3 in 1  colour created with BB mineral technology,takes lip colour to a new level,high colour with one swipe.
precision of a liner,moisture of a balm,and shine like a gloss,the staying power of a lip stain.
mirenesse glossy kiss
perfect kiss swatch.

lifestyle choice .
birchbox paname Paris mirror.£7.50
birchbox let the sunshine in  mirror ,
birchbox paname Paris mirror.
so did you get this box ,what do you feel, tell me do you get or will you get Birch box.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Bling it on denim & studs nails inc.and a little bit more.

hello so the day has come and I've have finally received my nails inc order .I'm so happy .
you can find nails inc here.http://www.nailsinc.com.
here's my order
nail inc order.

and the latest nails inc magazine .
nails inc spring /summer magazine.

so up first is my lusting for the past months ,

Bling it on denim and studs nail polish set. £19.00
i love it ,its dark and gives a really good coverage,dries quick,one coat is good coverage not much different by adding a second coat .love it and so worth  the wait.

nails inc Bling it on denim and studs.
Bling it denim and studs kit.

denim swatch

shore ditch lane leather effect nail polish £12.00
i love this deep mulberry  colour,dries quick and one coat gives a good covering ,
shore ditch lane leather effect nail polish.

ice cream and sprinkles web exclusive £12.00
3 x mini nail polishes.1 high gloss pink ,1x high gloss brown,1x green with sprinkles.
ice cream and sprinkles set.

ladbrook sq.
upper regent street.

charing cross road.

free gift after spending £35.00
i chose the nude bag with 2x mini polishes.
onslow gardens,

free gift £35 spend.
Beaufort street and onslow gardens.

Beaufort street.

Beaufort street,