Tuesday, 30 April 2013

latest in beauty ,editors picks,

so  i received my latest in beauty editors picks box.
i quite like these boxes as they are good value most of the time .
latest in beauty decided to put together a box with all currant and exclusive products on the market,sample the box products in your own time not in a rush decision in store.
I'm liking some of these products.
so £7.95+£2.95 p&p link here http://www.latestinbeauty.com/collections/collections/editor-s-faves.html

here it is in the new style box
latest in beauty editors picks box

Dr lipp original nipple balm for lips, 3ml
originally used by breastfeeding mums it made its way round to be a cult lip balm,
highly moisturising,and long lasting makes this a good multipurpose balm use on eye brows anything.its high in lanolin so can be used on cuticles,eczema,dry skin,
Dr lipp original nipple balm

balance me radiance face oil.10ml.
100%natural face oil with amazonian buriti nut oil,roman chamomile ,yarrow,benzoin to replenish your skin.
i tried  this last night and although the skin felt oily this morning after washing it felt really perky.

balance me radiance face oil.

espa lift and firm intensive eye serum 3ml and lift and firm moisturiser,7ml.
super active lift and firm eye serum,
lift and firm moisturiser.
the intensive eye serum contains a formula that nourishes and stimulates the eye area.while reducing lines and wrinkles.
the lift and firm moisturiser hydrates the skin,lifts and firms by the stimulants of sea amber and  anise extract,

Neom organic hand cream,50ml.
violet ,chamomile,cedar wood,acai ,argan oil,all help with anti oxidising,helps tighten the skin,good for anti ageing and nourishing,a lovely non greasy rich cream that sinks in the skin well.hands feel super soft.
Neom organic hand cream.

ancient ambiance goddess argan hand and body wash.50ml.
a luxury argan oil all over body wash.
a luxury argan oil all over body wash,vitamin,E,and natural anti oxidants,fragrance with coconut oil,vanilla,paprika,the vanilla and coconut comes through as top notes but subtle.
no synthetics,not animal tested,recycled packaging.
ancienne ambiance
goddess argan hand body wash.

Yardley polaire EDT,1ml.
the polaire fragrance journey opens with freshly fruity green top notes pf pear and freesia,and then you get blooming rose,ginger,pink pepper,and a base of patchouli and amber.
on first time i got pear,blooming rose and pink pepper,
after half an hour the ginger and freesia and patchouli come through to make a fresh scent that is rather nice.
Yardley polaire EDT.

Yardley English rose perfumed body spray,75ml.
this is a body spray full size and is actually quite nice once it has died down on the skin a bit ,it certainly doesn't smell as strong and old worldly like many years ago when your nan would buy it for you at Xmas,makes me wonder if Yardley have updated there scents over the years ,its delicate not full on smack rose down your throat .
Yardley English rose body fragrance.

all in all another good box from latest in beauty.have you got your box yet.

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