Saturday, 6 April 2013

My Beauty Diary face masks review.

So today I'm going to tell you about the sheet face masks I brought this week,
My beauty diary ,
these masks and brand originate from Taiwan .but are popular in Asia,Korea,japan,china,Russia,and now being made accessible for people around the world like UK,Europe,USA,Canada.
I managed to get a friend to get these shipped over and I payed £25 all in  for 3 boxes .
So my beauty diary sheet face masks are well known and seem to be quite popular ,each box contains 10masks ,to look at the mask it's made of very thin paper apparently these were thicker but to stop the fakes and to put more product on the mask they changed the masks and the formula's last year 2011.
Now these come in numerous types but the chart on the website is very easy to read and understand .
So I chose 3 boxes to try .
Also found on amazon UK,eBay UK,
Skin chart can be found here .

Black pearl face mask.
this mask contains black pearl powder,this contains amino acids,these penetrate the inner layers of skin,to moisturise ,whiten,and restore lustre.
white mulberry root essence keeps the skin moisturised for longer .
rich amounts of vitamin ,b, and seaweed combined with from fermented ingredients actively keep the skin moisturised while the liquorice and lemon help heal the skin at the same time .

i liked this mask as i didn't need serum or cream on my face for a few days after using .

black pearl mask

Bulgarian white rose face mask,
the Bulgarian white rose extracts are soothing,cleansing,hydrating for the skin.combined with kiwi fruit extracts,also skin whiteners,
this mask i found nourished my skin,and left it soft but nourished ,it lifted my dull skin.
delicate skin needs  the hydrating ingredients aloe,cucumber,extracts,seaweed and collagen soothes and hydrates the skin quickly to leave the skin glowing and rejuvenated.
bulgarian white rose mask,

Collagen  face mask.
the main ingredient is collagen, extracted from marine fish and algae,this has a plumping effect on the skin,which firms it up,
as for firming  ginseng extracts and marine algae activate the skin,the rare green algae from french shores keeps the skin very moisturised.and also firms the skin at the same time.
collagen face mask.

So these feel quite different to the ones I reviewed last week and are of better feel and quality,would I carry on buying ,yes have ordered 2 different boxes .i definitely will use these as the face masks in the UK I feel are messy and clogging.

as these are getting more popular so to are the fakes growing this link is a good help for spotting .

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