Thursday, 3 July 2014


good evening and welcome to my second giveaway from memebox,
this give away is sponsored by memebox and all prizes will be sent direct by the company from Korea.
the website to set up your account is here
memebox global Instagram is here
memebox facebook is here
my Instagram is here
and tell me in the comments below your most wanted of all time box.

to enter the give away you simply need  to follow all the steps below for you to qualify  for a chance to win.

this giveaway is only open to countries memebox ship too,check there website.
the giveaway starts on the 3rd July 2014- 7th July 2014.

this time there will be 3 winners,

the prizes are - 1 x herbal cosmetics edition box
                             - 1x special whole grain box 
                             - 10 meme points.

at the end of the giveaway i will need the winners to send  me their name ,address,zip code,phone number,and memebox account info .so that i can send to memebox for your prizes to be sent out.

so the questions.

1- leave a comment underneath telling me of all the memeboxes since the first memebox which is the most wanted box in your collection you love,

2-like the memebox Facebook page.

3- like memebox global on Instagram,

4- like my Instagram page,

5- set up an account on memebox website.

the winners for my july give away are listed below well done, and thank you all for joining in ,please join in my next give away please 

MARIA  won the herbal cosmetics box 
VERITAZY won the 10 memepoints,
KELLI  won the super whole grain box

a Rafflecopter giveaway

so have fun and enjoy,


Molebird said...

I absolutely adore Memebox! I've gotten two boxes so far with two more on the way! So far every single product has been amazing. I especially love the toner from the fermented cosmetics box. Awesome stuff for an amazing price! Have to make sure I don't keep buying more than I have counter room for! ;)

Angela Cheung said...

Havent received my first box yet but definitely excited bout global 15 :)

Amy Smith said...

I've only gotten my From Nature box so far, but I love just about everything in it. (The Snail gommage peeling stuff is amazing and the masks were soothing.) Thank you for hosting this giveaway so us addicts can feed our need!

Veritazy said...

Hi Lorna, you know I love all the O&T boxes like your son, and the scentboxes! Gosh. Those are absolute winners.
Enjoy hosting the giveaway and happy memeshopping!

Amber Franzen said...

I would love to win :)

lolychacha said...

Im a new memebox fans and already completely in love with it. Out of every boxes i really want the gangnam style but since im pretty latecomers so i didn't get that one . So my second favorite and most likely im going to buy is the memebox girls night out edition, its just look chicky, classic and fun , so i really excited to try it. Btw, thx for hosting this giveaway ,i really wish i win

lolychacha said...

Im a new memebox fans and already ,completely, passionately in love with the boxes. Out of all the boxes im really interested with the gangnam style one, but i couldn't get one. But my second favorite is the memebox girl's night out edition and im thinking to get them to my collection. I cant wait to unbox my first memebox, hope i win. Thx for hosting this giveaway . :D

Anulka M. said...

I would like to get mask edition. I want to try more Asian masks.

Skye Hill said...

I would really love to try a mask edition box , I've seen your blog post on previous box and I think they are fab , will Defo get used and always wanted and needed , thanks for chance to win Lorna xx love Gaynor x