Thursday, 17 July 2014

my Candy Aisle uk group order haul from fortune cookie soap,

I'm so happy my fortune cookie soap order has finally arrived, 
I'm part of the UK group order group that Natalie and Becky organise, usually following a new soap box comes out we all do a mass order of the goodies.

so this is my review for the CANDY AISLE summer box.

so i always get the sugar scrub and whipped creams in the scents i love the sugar scrubs are so gentle,
also i like the body wash and mist Me's for layering that scent.
i always get the odd shampoo and bubble bars or bombs in things i really want,
this time i knew i had to get popping candy bath powder, its awesome by the way.

some fragrances just name themselves, i swear, cherries,cherries,with a swirl of vanilla, hint of orange and pineapple,
OMG maraschino cocktail cherries , and there juice love,love. vanilla after kick comes through at the end but this is serious sweet cherries 

straight up grape candy,it is what it is,this sugar scrub exfoliates ,moisturises,softens.
OMG jolly rancher grape sweets. i love grape .with a hint of grape fizzy or laffytaffy,
so strong and deep fruity and yes i am inhaling the products,  ,I'm loving this collection.

fresh picked melon,strawberries and peaches, twisted with sour Mandarin oranges, and pineapple, all sprinkled with sugar.guaranteed to hit your sweet spot.
what i get is pure American sweets i get shipped to the UK. melon,peaches, mandarin with icing sugar ,thank god i don't get the strawberry from it,  i love it.

oohh margarita lip balm ,in a cute tin. i love this balm refreshing and zingy,

samples, can't wait to try these out.

so i liked a few of the summer items from the summer soap box, not usually a box i love as such but these products above i really enjoyed so stocked up on,.

i will have my SUN IN THE FUN collection review coming up soon.

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