Wednesday, 2 July 2014

MEMEBOX hair and body box 2

hello and welcome to my latest review and unboxing  from memebox. this time i return with a superbox,
MEMEBOX LIMITED EDITION-are full size and deluxe travel sized products that are either  from 1 brand or a for a special designed box. 
this box is the follow on from the great first edition of hair and body box 
hair and body box 2 
you can find memeboxes here memebox global website, ships internationally.
this box cost $23 .00

my box

the info menu card 

this box contained 6 products ,so it more like a global or memebox, and feels nice and heavy.

foot therapy masks are a fantastic invention,these are thin cotton or paper masks that you wear for a few hours .the next few days your skin peels off all dead skin,calluses.dry hard ugly skin,the results are fantastic and you end up with the cleanest ,smoothest moisturised feet and heals,i find it better to put these on after a good soak in the bath and actually leave on while you sleep ,simply remove in the morning and in a few days or so watch your feet shed skin.

this one step slimming cream breaks down residue under the skin,evens out the skin texture ,enriched with natural extracts, and green tea,algae , this heats up and gives a thermal heat to aid slimming, I'm going to start this tomorrow as i think as its hot at work in the kitchen if i apply this over my body i will sweat it out and this will speed up working quicker ,will be testing out if the cream works or not.

hair treatment and packed with vitamins great smelling ,great on coloured and damaged hair, revitalises the hair back and adds moisture back into the hair .includes 10 different berries..simly massage into the hair and rinse out.

rich in floral fragrance this looks so cool the bottle ,this is a home healing treatment routine for your nails ,it nourishes and protects against damaged nails, with real lavender pieces in the bottle it looks great. simply paint over the nails when required.

these are randomly chosen so i received the berry complex.
each day it recommends you use a different scent and they are labelled days of the week ,ranging from detox,to nourishment to complex, these shower gels are very refreshing and certainly revitalising.treat your body with ingredients from mother nature.

a high quality hair essence,real salon treatments for the home,this provides nutrition,hydration,brings back the healthy glow and smooth hair,
simply add a few drops and run through your hair a bit like a hair serum.

this box has sold out sometimes they do restocks that sell out quickly, 
the hair and body box 3 is out and still available for sale ,this is  more of a spa theme to the box ,i can't wait since we was told that so i grabbed a box.
its Korean Spa style! (#JJIMJILBANG)This Hair & Body Box is loaded with  delightful and unique hair and body essentials for chilling at the Korean Spa! Unwind with intensive hair treatments, bath tub soakers, body scrubsbers, and more fun and unique Korean ideas for a  full 3 hour body relaxation session! Use this step by step Korean Spa newbie "how to" and revel in Korean spa bliss! We'll provide you with a total head to toe spa care treatment right in your own home! You don’t need to go to a Korean Spa to experience Korean spa bliss, just open this Korean Spa-in-box 
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DISCLAIMER - this box was bought with my own money and all paid for by me, sometimes with help from meme points accumulated, all thoughts and reviews are my own and have not been influenced by the company memebox. i was not paid or gifted boxes to do this post, and although this post may contain a affiliate link and banner only.
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Skye Hill said...

Thank you for a fantastic giveaway , as you know I love reading your blogs on your MeMeboxes , you have totally converted me and has become my new obsession , the boxes I really want from the start are the Tony Moly Box and the Cute Cosmetics Box , I want them all to be truthful and just wish I could afford them all ...
I'd love to win one if your lovely prizes and feed my addiction , the Wholegrain would be amazing , thank you again xx