Wednesday, 30 July 2014

MEMEBOX herbal cosmetics.

the herbal cosmetics box went up for sale and i was like yay tea tree,peppermint,chamomile,rosemary ,sage, lavender you get where I'm going with this right.
the box cost $32.00 
still available to buy at present,find it here under super boxes MEMEBOX WEBSITE
memebox ship internationally, well to be fair my box didn't contain mint ,tea tree or lavender as such, it did contain rose,chamomile,jasmine,tea,so i felt a little mislead with the description and emailed memebox and they replied saying they would take greater care on future descriptions.
so what did i get in the box and what did i think of the box in general.

my box.

menu card.

calmia herb cleansing oil gel,
this has argan oil blended with lavender ,rosemary,basil,green tea.
helps to keep skin clear.and comfortable,this is a milky colour foam and lathers really well.this really cleans out the skin well so be warned.

calmia rooibos aqua sprinkler gel cream
a fluffy moisturising gel,but its an all in one product as it is a skin booster,toner,emulsion,essence,gel cream all together, a multi purpose product.rooibos extracts and sparkling water deliver nutrition to the skin when needed.the skin feels hydrated all day.this can also be used throughout the day as a mist over the skin. an awesome product once you have used it for a few weeks.

nasarang herb BB spf50+++
this is a balm with herbs and grains included ,great for anti ageing ,UV protection.used for skin brightening.leaves the skin with a natural glow.

skin food bath salts in honey and jasmine.
herbal extracts are used and mixed with honey and jasmine  this is a great detox and distress after work bath,

rose mine azulene calming gel.
great for sore or spotty skin,great on prickly heat and sunburn,
chamomile extracts,soothe and reduce redness,this is a great cooling gel.

kskin rose sense.100% essential oil,
this has multiple functions but really memebox really. last month in our box we got a product for our monthly,now you seem to include this as you say to disguise the monthly stench ,omg, really, thank god I'm not having to worry about the time of month any longer but i think it could of been worded better for those that still have periods, or is it a taboo thing in Korea, who knows.this can also be used on pulse points, underarms,on clothes, in oil burners, in washing ,perfume,

so another box  and the calming gel ,the classing oil, and the rooibos sprinkler gel are great products that i will enjoy using.the bath salts went in the bath last night. considering i wouldn't class some of these as herbal more floral, it was a good box. and it will be used bar the rose essential oil.

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DISCLAIMER - this box was bought with my own money and all paid for by me, sometimes with help from meme points accumulated, all thoughts and reviews are my own and have not been influenced by the company memebox. i was not paid or gifted boxes to do this post, and although this post may contain a affiliate link and banner only.

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