Friday, 18 July 2014

MEMEBOX oriental medicine box

my oriental medicine box arrived over a week ago but i have had to play and try out some of the products before i could report back to you with my review.
the oriental medicine box is used to help revitalise and balance the skins PH Levels. helps exhausted skin,this box is designed to help brighten the skin,look healthy and youthful.
great for all skin types it helps the skin regenerate,,and fights against inflammation,and gives great moisturising,
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my box

this is made from 20 Korean medicinal herbs such as ginseng,black hoof mushrooms,liquorice,ganoderma,
this wonder serum delivers nutrients and moisture to the skin,clears the skin up.

i received the
* Myung-an brightening Korean herb mask, for dry skin.
a hydrating skin treatment white birch,sophora root,these penetrate into the skin gently rapidly to brighten the skin.
*Jung-an refining Korean herb mask, for oily and combination skin.
contains honeysuckle,licorice,colx, and herbs for soothing calming effects.the mask helps with blood circulation for a smooth glowing skin.

DONGINBI red ginseng aqua oil and red ginseng aqua essence 
a super premium brand found in Korean stores. the red ginseng has powerful medicinal properties.the formula moisturises ,locks in water, hydrates and leaves the skin silky smooth.

this cc cream is infused with red ginseng ,cactus,fermented extracts,to make the skin silky smooth,and give the skin a natural glow from within.
helps cover pores and fine lines,

SHIB JANG CENG, chun JI Heang hand cream.80ml.
this cream is made from 110 year old wild ginseng extracts, Shea butters ,olive oil,this is a rich thick cream,deeply hydrates the skin,fast absorbing.and long lasting .

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DISCLAIMER - this box was bought with my own money and all paid for by me, sometimes with help from meme points accumulated, all thoughts and reviews are my own and have not been influenced by the company memebox. i was not paid or gifted boxes to do this post, although this post may contain a affiliate link and banner only.
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