Sunday, 31 March 2013

easter eggs

easter eggs well it is easter time,

So another Easter review as I'm working this weekend and don't get the chance to eat till tuesday the earliest.

so these new cadbury egg n spoon
there are like gold dust and not been able to get in shops round here for about 3 weeks now,
you get 4 eggs wrapped in foil and 2 spoons ,
unwrap the foil bite the top of the egg off and inside is a chocolate mousse its so smooth and creamy there divine.
also available with white chocolate mousse in equally unavailable to get your hands on round here.

cadburys egg n spoon

5 malteaster bunnies                                                                                                                              malteaser and chocolate in a bunny shape what more to say creamy Cadbury chocolate and crunchy biscuit center.

malteaster bunnies

cadbury creme eggs
Cadburys creme eggs , traditional British Easter chocolate eggs , with a sickly sweet fondant center. 

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Hotel Chocolat easter products

hello every everyone,so being Easter weekend i will  be working so i thought i would do my Easter review ,this is the 3rd year of having the hotel chocolat Easter range,

so i got the classic Easter egg from the chocolate tasting club members only,  £27
this is the classic extra thick egg half milk half dark, with 12 assorted Easter chocolates in each half of the egg,the box is lovely this year as you can spin it and watch the rabbits jumping and running .

 classic extra thick egg

egg lets
these contain 12 assorted egg lets 6 carefully wrapped in each half of the egg.

it comes with a chocolate slab but i ate it as soon as the parcel arrived ,whoops .also included is the menu card.
and as its a testing club egg it also includes a scoring card.
score card
so on to my son Easter chocolates,
we have what i had last year rocky road to caramel extra thick egg £27
one crisp shell with puffed rice,cookies,chocolate chunks,the other shell is smooth creamy chocolate with a layer of caramel chocolate over the top,inside 12 chocolates ,

rocky road to caramel extra thick egg

a selection of brownies,ganache,praline ,praline and cookies,solid Bunny's,solid chic chicks,in milk and caramel chocolates.
also included is a menu card,
now the sides orders ,sides are £6.50 or 3 or more for £5.50 each.
eggs and soldiers,milk and white £6.50.
milk chocolate dippy eggs filled with creamy white chocolate truffle, with praline filled white chocolate soldiers dipped with egg yolk chocolate.
eggs and soldiers
eggs on toast,£6,50
layers of mellow praline and soft caramel topped with a white fried egg.
egg on toast
choc cross buns £6.50
a take on the traditional hot cross buns.
6 choc hot buns,filled with smooth hazelnut praline,cinnamon,seasonal spices,
choc cross buns

so happy Easter everyone ,

Thursday, 28 March 2013

shopping around for face masks

hello everyone ,so i decided that as much as i like using lush limited face masks ,there must be others less messy and better results and less drying on the market,
so i have decided on trying some other brands ,as i have received a few from beauty subscription boxes and not used yet i thought why not have a shop around .
the last peel off mask was not a success in that it never set to peel off and ending washing and scrubbing off,i remember when i was younger they would peel in large areas and use to be OK.

so first off I'm looking at sheet masks .
these seem the way they masks should be going and hope more come on the market soon ,less mess and stress free,
the brand i have chosen are missha pure source sheet masks.
animal free,made in Korea,widely available in Korea ,japan,china,UK,USA.

the aloe pure source sheet masks are for soothing the skin.
the pure cotton sheet mask is enriched with aloe Vera leaf juice ,it left my skin calm and very moisturised ,

raspberry pure source sheet mask for firming and nourishing skin.
enriched with raspberry extract,tightened up the skin but not overtly and was felt kinda plumped.

green tea pure source sheet mask,for moisturising and brightening.
green tea leaf extract,this seemed to make my eyes less puffy and also open my eyes up more .

pomegranate pure source sheet mask, damaged skin,
the pomegranate fruit extract,makes the dull skin firm and happy and healthy,
this definitely zinged the skin up.i used on my teen son and it helped the damaged skin and opened the pores up.

honey pure source sheet mask,moisturising and glowing,
made with honey  this woke up my tired skin and left it so moisturised and soft my skin looked clean and bright ,but then anything with honey in is good for the body ,

sample given
i received a honey sleeping pack

holika holika ,is a current Korean brand I'm using ,and these sleeping masks are lovely and thick like a balm type ointment.sleeping packs are worn through the night on the face ,as you sleep and when you awake you should be 10 years younger or such,holika sleep packs come in 3 types honey which i have ,blueberry,cherry,each pot contains 40%honey  to hydrate care for the skin.honey is known for its healing properties,and antibacterial use,i must say this didn't feel too sticky and washed off well.left my face clean and smooth.

anyway tell me have you used these ,i like the shu uemura masks and skII ,have you any face mask brands to recommend ,I'm currently prefering the sheet masks but if you have a good one i will put on my to try list ,so thank you for reading and welcome any brands you all recommend please.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Dr nick Lowe anti age glossy box

hello everyone its flash box time again.
                                               Dr nick Lowe.
i chose the anti ageing box and so glad i did , a leading dermatologist in the world,his vision is and always been ,provide high performance,affordable,dermatology,led skin care range that others no false promises or miracle fixes.first launched in boots in 2007 and via his website,
Dr nick Lowe's philosophy for the range is for it to be understandable and focused,protect,prevent,repair the skin using highly effective ,clinically tested products.
you can find  glossy box here , these boxes are now sold out ,

so here's my box,

age correct eye serum ,15ml £17.49
instantly lifts and tones,light weight hydrating serum with peptides,reduces wrinkles,and fine lines.firms and moisturises under the eye area,also helps reduce dark circles.use morning and evening.
age control eye serum.
hydrating foaming cleanser,150ml, £10.49.
a gentle fragrances foaming lotion,the plant enzymes exfoliate dead skin cells away,leaving brighter skin,wash off with water.use morning and night.
hydrating foaming cleanser
super charged SPF 15 day cream,50ml,£17.49.
high performance age fighting day cream,provide uva/uvb.super hydration the unique peptides infused formula helps reduce sun damage and skin damage,fine lines is improved with regular use leaving it smooth,and radiant.apply morning to cleansed face and neck.
super charged SPF 15 day cream.
so this is my review have you used these products or brand before ,or brought the box let me  know  thank you.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

candlewick greens wax order.

hello everyone ,today i am going to show you my new wax order ,
i order from Lisa at candlewick greens who has so many scents ,dupes ,that it puts other companies to shame,i along with many find these better than Yankee  and the like now .
you may of seen the advent calender she did last year i blogged about and will gladly get another this year.
you can find her here .
also on Facebook
just to tell you is rather poorly presently and having a rest from work  but if you contact her via web page she may help with wax tarts if she has some made ,but bear with as she will soon be back with bang knowing Lisa.
right now a little  info .Lisa only uses highly scented soy/paraffin blends for her candles and tarts.they are all made with finest oils and fragrances and provide a clean burning candle .these wax tarts keep there smell for a good 20 hrs max ,not like some when half hour later you cant smell anything , i would defiantly recommend and have done already ,they make good gifts too.and yes i do pay for everything .

so here's my order below and i will go through each scent .some are only in ones as they are already burning.
candlewick green wax

  cinnabuns,these are tiny cinnamon buns and smell so bakery.

creme brûlée ,rich deep vanilla and caramel,and custardy.
creme brûlée

Jo Malone  dupes nectarine blossom and honey.fruity nectarine ,peachy hints of plum,blackcurrant,vetiver and sweet honey.truly lovely.
nectarine blossom & honey

Hansel &Gretal,orange,lemon,nutmeg,honey,bergamot,ginger,clove,vanilla bean,cocoa,but it all mellows in to a subtle blended scent.
Hansel & Gretal
fairy wings ,a light sweet and woody blends with a citrus kick ,and a slight musk scent.vanilla.
fairy wings
shop, the smell the you get when you walk in to well stocked soap shop all the smells hit you with a punch of scents.
pink lady this is the sweetest ,crispest,juiciest apple scent going its so fresh,
pink lady
pumpkin& vanilla.think autumn and pumpkin pie ,soup ,warming rich with a sweetness kick and then vanilla creeping through,with a little spice coming through,
pumpkin & vanilla
rainbow sherbet,fresh lime ,pineapple,orange,raspberry,creamy vanilla,really sweet and fizzynesss. and oh so pretty.
rainbow sherbet
camper van, just like patchouli ,musky ,flowers,hippy sheek imagine wafting in the back of a vw camper van at a festival,just need some joststicks
camper van
sugar cookie ,sugary sweet,buttery biscuits smell just like they have come out the oven and still hot.
sugar cookie
angel food,yummy vanilla,sweet cakey and cherry scents this just like the pink and white sponge with a sweet butter cream filling ,
angel food

snap bars are made into 6 cubes of which you can snap off 2 and melt or cocktail with others for your own scent,

after dinner mints ,rich chocolate with minty scents oozing through,

satsuma ,fresh scrummy citrus freshly peeled  zestiness of satsumas .

snowy almond,pure almond, ,marzipan,icing,nuttiness,soothing.