Friday, 15 March 2013

latest in beauty organic &natural box

hello everyone .the new latest in beauty box has been revealed,
                                                            organic &natural.
so first off this box contains 5 products ,1full size 4 luxury travel size .
the box is bursting with reviving and nourishing products.
5 popular products from 3 popular brands,replenish hair and body to make you feel fresh,enriched,renewed,to give you a helping step into spring.
you can buy the box here, for £4.95 +£2.95 p&p.

so here's the box

organic &natural box.
jason lip bees healthier balm,£1.99
this i have received in many subscription boxes , its a very minty balm ,contains  beeswax,Shea butter,aloe Vera gel,coconut oil,peppermint leaf oil,sweet almond oil,green tea leaf extract,vitamin e,
jason aloe Vera satin shower wash,59ml, £1.99
this is a thin pouring shower gel,contains sweet almond oil,vitamin e,pro vitamin b5,aloe Vera ,sunflower oil,chamomile,sunflower,calendula.sulphate free,
Giovanni shampoo, 60ml,smooth as silk deep moisture .for damaged hair.£1.10
made with a blend of 3 organic oils sulphate free,paraban free,contains vegetable protein this smells fresh and fruity,grapefruit,lemongrass, mango,lavender and rosemary.

Giovanni conditioner 60ml,deep moisture smooth as silk,for damaged hair.£1.10
this has the same ingredients as the shampoo ,unfortunately the smell is no where near as clean as the shampoo which is a shame it smells bland,
Dr bronners magic soap,18-in-1 hemp rose soap.59ml.£1.99
this is a universal soap scented with rose ,made with essential oils, can be used as shower gel,a soap,a massage oil,for clothes washing,hair washing,make-up- brush cleaner, stain remover, this has endless possibilities .
over all i quite like this box and as they are good sizes i can pack in for holiday this year,and if added up individually  it comes to £8.17 and if i had brought separately on line i would of paid more in postage.

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