Saturday, 30 March 2013

Hotel Chocolat easter products

hello every everyone,so being Easter weekend i will  be working so i thought i would do my Easter review ,this is the 3rd year of having the hotel chocolat Easter range,

so i got the classic Easter egg from the chocolate tasting club members only,  £27
this is the classic extra thick egg half milk half dark, with 12 assorted Easter chocolates in each half of the egg,the box is lovely this year as you can spin it and watch the rabbits jumping and running .

 classic extra thick egg

egg lets
these contain 12 assorted egg lets 6 carefully wrapped in each half of the egg.

it comes with a chocolate slab but i ate it as soon as the parcel arrived ,whoops .also included is the menu card.
and as its a testing club egg it also includes a scoring card.
score card
so on to my son Easter chocolates,
we have what i had last year rocky road to caramel extra thick egg £27
one crisp shell with puffed rice,cookies,chocolate chunks,the other shell is smooth creamy chocolate with a layer of caramel chocolate over the top,inside 12 chocolates ,

rocky road to caramel extra thick egg

a selection of brownies,ganache,praline ,praline and cookies,solid Bunny's,solid chic chicks,in milk and caramel chocolates.
also included is a menu card,
now the sides orders ,sides are £6.50 or 3 or more for £5.50 each.
eggs and soldiers,milk and white £6.50.
milk chocolate dippy eggs filled with creamy white chocolate truffle, with praline filled white chocolate soldiers dipped with egg yolk chocolate.
eggs and soldiers
eggs on toast,£6,50
layers of mellow praline and soft caramel topped with a white fried egg.
egg on toast
choc cross buns £6.50
a take on the traditional hot cross buns.
6 choc hot buns,filled with smooth hazelnut praline,cinnamon,seasonal spices,
choc cross buns

so happy Easter everyone ,

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