Tuesday, 5 March 2013

fortune cookie soap spring box.

hello everyone ,today i thought i would show you the joys of things from USA.
                                                   fortune cookie soap company.
so this is a wonderful company that makes and sells bath and body items,
fortune cookie soap can be found here,http://www.fortunecookiesoap.com

OK so apart from there goodies ,they do a 1/4 box of goodies called the soap box.found here http://www.fortunecookiesoap.com/pages/the-soap-box.
this is a pre taster of there new range this one being the spring box ,they always contain 8-9 products.
anyone can order a box ,even internationals like me. there are 4 boxes a year  every 3 months to coincide with there major season product lines .so you really get a VIP sneak peak 2 weeks early.
these make a fantastic gift idea and in the UK it costs $34. and is tracked.which comes out by direct debit.
                                                      here's the spring box.

Fortune cookie soap spring box

Menu card
inside is a card that tells us what everything is.

so here we are ,

"the birds& the bees"bath fizzy.
this is a sweet fruity bath bomb type fizzy and is egg shaped with an extra of skin loving honey powder for healing and softening,
the birds &the bees.

"dirty hoe,"ocd hand sanitiser,
what happens in the garden stays in the garden they say ,especially when a dirty hoe is involved,
smells like freshly dug earth and Dewey grass after the spring rain. i love this fresh scent.
dirty hoe

"kiss my vine " bath salts.
better than saying kiss my ass,lol these salts smell of strawberries and champagne.
this is not sickly sweet as the champagne cut through to give a more adult kind of feel.
kiss my vine

"down to earth"tea light candle.
one small step for home fragrance one big step for fcs.
lavender,basil an earthy blend for our first ever candle.you can smell the separate lavender and the earthy basil in this quite lovely.
down to earth

"a nod to the hippies"
a subtle shimmer stick for use anywhere,made up of patchouli,amber,vanilla, this is lovely and has a gentle scent.                                                                                                                                              
a nod to the hippies
swatch of nod to the hippies

"honey-dew me" whipped cream.
Melon, melon, melon. This is so frickin amazing . I luurve it . I has the wants for a big pot.
Sweet honeydew,cantaloupe,watermelon,apple, vanilla bean. This is so crisp fruity  fresh and so scented .

honey dew me

"late bloomer " fortune cookie soap.
a slight exfoliating soap for smoother skin,
scented with Polynesian hibiscus,ripe berries,white amber,vanilla,
the hibiscus comes through.and the soap gives a lovely lather.
late bloomer

"i wet my plants"spray lotion.
a light spray scented with melon,jasmine,and baby powder.
another light scent for everyday use and dries like a powder feel on the skin.
i wet my plants

so I'm really impressed with this soap box ,and I'm definitely going to get the whipped cream, the odd,so will add to my next order .
i know fortune cookie soap is really popular in USA Canada ,i just wish it was easier in the UK.
so what do you think ,why not try a box for your self.
i will review my next order when it arrives .
thank you for reading please leave a comment.

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