Friday, 1 March 2013

bomb .order review.

hello everyone ,
so for years Ive always looked at bomb cosmetics as the poorer cousin of lush.and never gone near them as Ive been happy to buy from lush since there ctg days ,
but things have happened, been said and its left a sour taste in my mouth. so I'm looking at other companies,ones that don't refuse to sort out scent issues,lack of packaging,giving the real reason products are discontinued. and actually listen to there customers,etc etc.etc etc.

so after looking on you tube videos, and smelling in store . i decided on trying bomb cosmetics.
so my aim was to try shower scrubs.
                                  face wash,
                                  shower gel.
                                  shower soap.
                                   body shower polish.
                                   bath bomb.
                                   air freshener.
wow I'm impressed with the packaging,sturdy box,wood shaving,all tubs shrink wrapped and sealed ,bombs and soaps shrink wrapped,
the first thing that hits you is the strong fragrances ,all the bottled shower and skin care and bath ranges are sls and paraban free.they all contain pure essential oils,pure perfume oils.all made from hand in the factory .in the UK.

packaging very well done.

milk and honey body polish 365ml.
a luxury light scrub body polish with Shea butters.contains Clary sage and chamomile essential oils.
this smells strong ,I'm not keen on the dry form ,will see if it softens in the shower.the clary sage comes through and scents the skin and softens in use,
milk and honey body polish
creamy but very small grains in 

blackcurrant shower polish ,365ml.
it also contain sweet orange and mandarin oils. Shea butters,
this smells amazing,you get a real kick of blackcurrant,orange ,mandarin.
cant wait to try this.
blackcurrant body polish
lathered up with grains in view
this so deep rich blackcurrant i could smell it for ages after my shower.

scrubology shower scrub ,365ml,
an oil based shower scrub,pure rose and ceder wood oils.sweet almond oils,
scrubology shower gel

olive oil based  scrub
this is really nice and fresh but also very gentle but hard cleaning and also moisturising .
(think rubrubrub by lush equivalent).

superjuice shower gel.365ml.
a rich cleansing and moisturising gel ,with pure orange and mandarin essential oils. grapefruit.
another oh wow .(think brightside from lush)but stronger .cant wait to use this. after using this i gonna have this as a keeper gel,its just like freshly peeled oranges so yummy.
super juice shower gel

rosy cheeks face scrub, 125ml,
a gentle lotion based facial scrub to help remove dead skin.leaving skin rejuvenated.
jasmine,ylangylang essential oils to calm and tone.evening primrose.
rosy cheeks
soft and creamy 

je t'aime  car and room fragrance
blackcurrant air freshener now hanging in my sons bedroom.
(cant photo as banned from entering the teens boys lair)

parma violet wave soap 140g.
interesting this is. Its a sponge cut with waves cut out the top of a sponge.
an exfoliating ,massaging,sponge drenched in soap made with pure essential oils.parma violet fragrances with sandalwood,and revive your tired skin.
so you wet the sponge holding the Base of the sponge and use the wave finger to exfoliate the skin then wash off. smells good (gat violets soap by lush).
parma violet wave soap

rhubarb and custard bomb ,160 g.
oh wow ,just like rhubarb and custard sweets ,really strong scented.
this fizzed really well,and wasn't synthetic at all in the water, scented the house out and stayed on the skin after .
rhubarb and custard

free gift for ordering over £30

green kiwi and lime shower gel, 365ml.
also contains ,bergamot oil.its also an olive oil based gel.
zingy and very citrus kick to the shower,
kiwi and lime shower gel

over all the gels are lovely and thick not runny at all.the scents are very strong,the scrubs are gentle but soothe the skin as well as leave you moisturised.I'm really impressed how much this company has changed not cheap and synthetic as other companies make out they are.and will defiantly try other ranges like there wax candles,wax melts,face masks,moisturisers.face washes, and see how they fare.
thanks for reading and please leave a comment i always reply.

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