Thursday, 28 March 2013

shopping around for face masks

hello everyone ,so i decided that as much as i like using lush limited face masks ,there must be others less messy and better results and less drying on the market,
so i have decided on trying some other brands ,as i have received a few from beauty subscription boxes and not used yet i thought why not have a shop around .
the last peel off mask was not a success in that it never set to peel off and ending washing and scrubbing off,i remember when i was younger they would peel in large areas and use to be OK.

so first off I'm looking at sheet masks .
these seem the way they masks should be going and hope more come on the market soon ,less mess and stress free,
the brand i have chosen are missha pure source sheet masks.
animal free,made in Korea,widely available in Korea ,japan,china,UK,USA.

the aloe pure source sheet masks are for soothing the skin.
the pure cotton sheet mask is enriched with aloe Vera leaf juice ,it left my skin calm and very moisturised ,

raspberry pure source sheet mask for firming and nourishing skin.
enriched with raspberry extract,tightened up the skin but not overtly and was felt kinda plumped.

green tea pure source sheet mask,for moisturising and brightening.
green tea leaf extract,this seemed to make my eyes less puffy and also open my eyes up more .

pomegranate pure source sheet mask, damaged skin,
the pomegranate fruit extract,makes the dull skin firm and happy and healthy,
this definitely zinged the skin up.i used on my teen son and it helped the damaged skin and opened the pores up.

honey pure source sheet mask,moisturising and glowing,
made with honey  this woke up my tired skin and left it so moisturised and soft my skin looked clean and bright ,but then anything with honey in is good for the body ,

sample given
i received a honey sleeping pack

holika holika ,is a current Korean brand I'm using ,and these sleeping masks are lovely and thick like a balm type ointment.sleeping packs are worn through the night on the face ,as you sleep and when you awake you should be 10 years younger or such,holika sleep packs come in 3 types honey which i have ,blueberry,cherry,each pot contains 40%honey  to hydrate care for the skin.honey is known for its healing properties,and antibacterial use,i must say this didn't feel too sticky and washed off well.left my face clean and smooth.

anyway tell me have you used these ,i like the shu uemura masks and skII ,have you any face mask brands to recommend ,I'm currently prefering the sheet masks but if you have a good one i will put on my to try list ,so thank you for reading and welcome any brands you all recommend please.


B's Blog said...

Hi love.

Where did you get the sheet masks from? Been meaning to try them for ages! Thanks :)

Ljs blog said...

Korean kosmetics or koko ,there quite good ,just ordered my beauty diary ones to try,they deffinatly make the face and neck feel cleaner less clogged.