Friday, 1 March 2013

honey shampoo and conditioner.

hello all.
so i know i like the fair-trade honey shampoo and happy happy joy joy conditioner from lush but some things with lush im not to pleased about as a company .so i have been looking for the same kind of product from other companies to give my money to.
so skincare is sorted, its off to hair products.
specifically honey liquid or solid shampoo and conditioners.

so i came across these on the selfridges website.

honey do .shampoo from a beautiful life.£12.50  235ml.
paraben and sulfate honey.
gives shine,and gives hair a lift.
i really like this ,it never left any residue  on my hair and the bottle is so cute.

next up is a honey do .beautiful life conditioner,£12.50  8oz
honey do is a conditioner formulated with organic honey,gives shine ,bounce,and is lightweight,can be left in the hair for 10 mins deep treatment mask.paraben and sulfate free.
this was lovely as a mask.and left my hair soft and silky  and smelling gorgeous. 

these are lovely and are worth the money and i will reuse the bottles aswell.will be buying again.

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