Friday, 8 March 2013

my mothers day treat from me

hello everyone .
i popped over to Canterbury for a browse.and i needed to pop in to loccitaine shop to have a sniff at the new cherry fragrance .
i always tend to get lost in this shop as i always end up getting more than i went in for.
so i went in to sniff the spring cherry fragrance.
loccitaine can be found here .,83,1,29912,349541.htm

i went in for this spring cherry £32.00
but ended up with this.
spring cherry collection £39.00

spring cherry collection.

the spring collection comprises of 50ml.eau DE toilette,75ml velvet hydrating gel,250ml spring cherry iridescent shower gel,30ml spring cherry hand cream.

the spring Cherry collection captures fresh fruity and floral scents of the first days of Provencal cherry orchards,
the top notes are mandarin and then cherry and magnolia.the mandarin comes through very clear and is defiantly blended with cherry blossoms.
totally different from last years cherry princess range.and also fruitier than the cherry blossom range.

the spring cherry eau DE toilette,  separate price £32
spring cherry eau DE toilette

the shower gel separate price separate price £13
this is slightly fruitier and has a lustre powder in so gives a lovely delicate sheen to your skin after.
spring cherry shower gel.

velvet moisturising gel. separate price 75ml£8.50 or £20 for 250ml.
the gel formula is made with Shea butter,it sinks straight into the skin,the cherry extract is slightly overpowered by the magnolia but left my skin velvety smooth.
spring cherry velvet moisturiser

hand cream 30ml separate price  £8 
you can never ever have too many loccitane hand creams .its one of the best formulae for years  and its so thick but really good on the hands.
spring cherry hand cream
this is more fruity blossom scented as well.

this is a limited edition collection and the hand cream is already low in stock,so for a little bit extra it pays to get this set previous price was £61.50 .

and as i am a VIP member i received the leaflet threw the door for a free full size shower gel if i spent over£35 . 
i forgot the card but once the SA put through the till i also walked out with this.
lavender shower gel.
lavender shower gel

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