Monday, 31 December 2012

Waitrose Xmas delights round 2

So hello again so far we had 2 of these festive hestons baked Alaska  This tasted amazing and was easy to cook up as well .
Delicious raspberry parfait incased in smooth dark chocolate ,covered in rich banana caramel parfait ,encased in light sponge and covered in light fluffy meringue .makes this a truly wonderful dessert.
For £12.99
All you have to do is remove it from the box and blowtorch all over to glaze if you have a grill you can pop it under there .
Leave for 20 mins we left for 30mins and have a drink and let your dinner rest and then slice and and enjoy .
I've got to say the chocolate could of been thinner . But the banana and caramel ice-cream was lovely and rich and made the dessert personally.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Waitrose Xmas delights part 1

So it's that lovely time of the year where I grab some stuff from waitrose . 
So I gone for hestons range again still have a couple of orange puddings left , but this year got the figgy pudding . 
So this time it's this years version of the Xmas mince pies . 
Now I've got to say although last year I liked the puff pastry ones with pine sugar  puff pastry does not improve a mince pie . It has to to sweet or short pastry end of . 
So I got 2 boxes of 4 this year .
Now waitrose say of  these .
Dreaming of a white christmas my moreish mince pies come with a sachet of tangerine sugar for dusting on top . Ok so in these beauties are spiced shortcrust mince pies filled with rich mincemeat with lemon curd,rose water,apple juice .  
Now I find these are nice slightly warmed so the mixed spices really come out , they are deffinatly not your bulk standard mince pies quite opulent  really 
This is without the sugar so you see it
And this is best way warmed with the sugar and with a fork 
all in all much better than last years and cost 
£3.75 for 4 tell me have you tried these or the other things in his range what did you think .

my lush haul december

so i popped in to my new local lush store thats just opened a few weeks back and brought some more staples .
as i saw they had some good chunks of saltarna of soap with minimal fruit i grabbed 500g £14.48 thats been bagged up and stashed .this is so moisturising this creams and lathers well.coconut,currants,apricots,cranberries,bergamot all blend to make this one of the best soaps and i always stock up on snow cake soap at xmas too.

and as they had midnight massage bars left in the sale i grabbed one of those to.
i love the devinci clock aspect to this bar,i love its in a quince shape mot as many think a pear and its covered in lustre,and smells blimmin good.jasmine,shea butters,quince fruit,olive,and figs,vanilla this not a sweet smelling massage bar but a very deep sensual smell.

not much as i placed an order over the phone for xmas sale and got through after 54 attempts more to follow on that order.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

my bargin of the day

so i popped into sainsburys today to get some bread and came out with his nip and fab set of body butters triple pack . my son uses the spot cream and heard good things about this company so thought
why not,

 full price is £3.50
half price sale on so it was £1.75
as lifted out of trolley end popped open so discounted again at till £1.00
so i got a mango smoothie dry skin body butter 50ml.energises the senses with a fruity scent.this does smell really fruity but not sickly .50ml
the next one is coconut latte body butter.nourishes the skin soothing and calming it.this was nice if the coconut was calmed down a touch it would be lovely,i found it a bit fake bounty chocolate smell.50ml
this was a pleasant surprise pistachio sundae nutty but creamy slight hint of pistachio .reaaly mellow and smoothed on the skin says it pampers the skin with an appetising aroma .so true.50ml
can't complain as it was an utter bargain.and will use them and give the coconut to the girls at work.
have you tried these butters what do youthink of them ,how do they fair to others on the market,please tell.
thankyou see you soon .

All about beauty box December

Hello and welcome to my all about beauty December box. all about beauty offers a beauty box not of skimpy samples but that of full size products from around the world before they hit the uk .a different country is chosen every month.What am I going to find in this months box.  so this month is 
POLAND and wow it looks so bright and inviting and smells AMAZING.     THE COMPANY IS CALLED VERONA LABORATORIES.

so first up there is the wild orchid and silk face and body cream rrp £12.95.  250 ml 
this cream is oozing flowers, Shea butters, vitamin e.and silk proteins.this leaves the face silky and smooth,not drying or greasy.the soft cream sinks on and into the skin quickly.
next comes the grapefruit and ginger body butter rrp£12.95,  250ml
the ginger comes through quite strongly in this cream,deeply moisturising this contains grapefruit extract,shea butter,ginger extract,vitamin e ,this rejuvenates,and nourishes softens and revialises the skin
next is olive anti wrinkle cream.this contains substances active stimulating cellular renewal of the skin.
contains hyaluronic acid ,argan oil,olive extract,this is a lovely serum sinks into  the skin and not heavy.
rrp £24.95  50 ml  this smells lovely.
green tea and lime hand cream.rrp £9.95.this is very light and sinks in well ,doesnt leave the skin greasy and can use the hands straight after.nourishes cares and regenerates hand skin.leaves hands youthful,and soft. 75ml.
the marine algae foot cream£9.95. with tea tree,menthol,vitamin e,this soaked into the feet very quickly.when it says its cooling ,my feet felt stone cold an hour later still.
provides relief to tired,heavy feet,refreshes ,relaxes,deodorises the feet. thought this smelt more menthol but was lovely and will use this.  75ml
all in all another good box and truly am injoying these .i love the element of guessing what country is next up.also if you enjoy or want to buy as a gift on the all about website you get 25% off purchases.

remember for £15.00 a month its well worth it and full size .
thankyou for reading would you buy one of these boxes instead of the sample boxes ,tell me.
                    remember this box is shipped in the uk to your door a box of beauty not a beautiful box.

all about beauty box november

Well I love these new  full size beauty boxes and am so glad more are starting up as I would rather spend extra for full size rather than samples.
So when all about beauty popped up with there first box I read lots of reviews and thought I would sign up for the next box , but I seem to of missed it so had a word with all about beauty and got one swiftly sent to me . Now to me I don't really mind the box it was sent in as its the products I'm paying for and it's all from a different country every month so very intrigued on this  way of going about it. With full size products you can spend a while trying them on your skin and seeing how suited the product is . Miles better than a sachet which is no good for nothing.
As this is a new concept for the company hopefully it should only improve and really get there name noticed.
I really hope 2013 is a year these monthly full size boxes kick off  big time .

all about beauty  say there box varies from a beauty box as in they do not send an aray of samples but full size products from around the world.each month a box is send to your door .inside is a box of beauty not a beautiful box.
designed for skin care this month is IRELAND.

so heres the box im lucky hermes delivery people round here are rather have a box solid and major taped so it takes ages to get off than a broken mushy flimsy box anyday.

so the brand is ALARAN its a seaweed range. so first off is seaweed organic bath sponge
contains two seaweed bath sponges and used one already so soft and moisturising on the skin.and 2 seaweed soaps ,smells kind of citrus rrp £13.75. i like this as its a bit like big blue bath bomb from lush limited as the seaweed in that makes it slimy and moisturising.

next is the anti ageing revitalising serum .now this felt lovely and kind of cooling ,not much is needed and ease of use was so simple.


rrp is £28.00

so next i found was the organic seaweed bath salts
has rose and ylang ylang in these can be used as a bath salt in water or mix with the oil for a body scrub,rrp@8.50 .these are made with fine salt gonna use these after working 18 nye defiantly  250GM
so next up and already been used is the organic irish seaweed lip balm,contains lavender and jojoba.goes on well and not gritty.ideal foe bag or purse.rrp£2.00
i then have the seaweed cleansing lotion .lots of coconut ,rose,lavender.i love the glass jar not plastic as well ,the applicator is easy to use no mess,rrp£19.45   125GM

finally some large samples of other creams available from them which was nice,
moisturising day cream with aloe vera,and enzyme protective cream,day cream with grape,lipo active body cream.3ML
so im really impressed with this box and cant wait for december box.will defiantly continue with this beauty box.i would urge you to look at trying this box i cant see you being disappointed.
further products can be found in kilcar, southwest donegal .all seaweed is harvested locally.

all about beauty  will be travelling far and wide,some of the countries include france,jordan,spain,japan,switzerland,egypt.
all for £15.00.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

My cyber candy bargain parcel

so i had an email from cyber candy. with a few xmas offers so i got the
 and it arrived pretty much what the picture had so all good .
loving the peeps,
considering its about £100 for  £34 plus a code for free wonka nerds ropes as well i am thoroughly enjoying this.
this is what i got

Week 4 days 21- 25 candlewick green advent

So it's the final few days .Ive really enjoyed my advent and has proved you are never to old for an advent calender .so next year I will be defiantly be getting this again and hope to get the selfridges advent.
So here we go
Day21 was not just for Xmas .violets,Sugar cookies,pink sugar

Day22 was Xmas dreams and kisses-Expensive spa aromatherapy.

Day 23.Yeah I love candy canes.Full on minty ness .

Day 24christmas wreath,festive scents of green .bayberry ,pine ,fir,holly,mistletoe .

Day25 air fresher angel lovely smell too.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

December luxbox

So I stewed for over a month and decided as I read the new newsletter to sign up for December luxbox.i have re subbed for the hope that this new takeover will be more on the ball and we won't be waiting an age for boxes or we not doing them this month.
so they put the date back in the hope of the old subscribers subbing but they should of really sent the boxes out with the way the post is at Xmas time and let people re sub if wanted.with out upsetting the rest.
So my luxbox arrived on the 22nd December..
and actually its a good box better than the others have been so will see what January's box is like.

sheer cover base perfecter primer.
really light cream easy to use,  £21.95
sheer cover smokey eye shadow palette .
love this really lovely colours,and good pigment,easy to blend and use
green people fruit scrub
this is so lovely to use.not to coarse.lovely orange smell .£11.95
mashooqs deep penetrating oil.
lovely coconut and almond oil,deep scalp and hair oil for hair. doesn't leave the hair greasy and lank
ancienne ambiance luxury goddess gift shop,
lovely lavender,treated the original old fashioned way in a cauldron.

so it was a really good box it will be interesting to see what the next few months will be like if i stay with them .i can't comment on there Face book page as they blocked me .

my candlewick green advent week 3. day 15 -20

hello there again so here we go for week 3 of my smelly month of December .

day15 north star  ,this is strong and pongs the house out and i mean strong but good if you know what i mean. mystical,far eastern spices,herbs,resins,the heavy perfume is created from the sandalwood,and incense [think standing in a church]
day16 is i love fruit this is good this is apples stewed and cinnamon and spice of this good.
day17 is apple and evergreen..crisp apples and green leaves.

day 18 is new years day straight up shortbread and sugar.

day 19 angels kiss ,roses,white blossoms,Lillie's.

day 20christmas cocktails,discs to mix your toddy,orange juice,cranberries,brandied fruits.
so that finishes week 3 off of my advent.

Joliebox December

It's that time of year again and after a poor November box I was hoping it was going to be a major improvement this time so it's arrived and let's get the party started?
This is the box looking good so far.

The magazine has some good reads this month.

So I might be a bit tired from working  but it doesn't wow me.

Strawberries and cream.I love cosmetics shimmer and shine lipgloss
Bellapierre shimmer powder in bubblegum.
 Colour club put a pin in it ,nail polish rose gold .wanted the blue.

Dr duve hand and décolleté cream sachets hates these small sachets just really why bother to put them in you can't test them properly and wouldn't buy on  one use application .very poor show.

Agua de colonia concentrada sample vial of perfume.   Very strong lemon .and lavender.

Bloody Olay regenerist sample .seriously enough is enough of this stuff.

Natural honey body milk .travel size smells fruity like raspberrys very good on elbows.

Lindt bars of chocolate 2 ,  sorry for photo ate one already .

So like glossy box I'm a bit meh as if you can't pull the stops out on a crimbo box it's not worth carrying on .i think since birch box have taken over its defiantly got worse, and after seeing that birch boxes have European stuff in as well now I think the uk have got the bum deal here as I think many of us thought we might get some American things in our boxes this was quelled suddenly by an email answer of no .

so what do you think about december joliebox. uk