Sunday, 9 December 2012

My candlewick green advent week 1 day 1-7

so here is my first week and its been really interesting sniffing and burning .we have a guess then its updated at night with the real answer .so here goes the start of week one.

 day 1 was a cute bag of star melts called satsuma sundae and wow think bang on citrus but buttery . When I melted them in my tart warmer they made the house smell of freshly peeled oranges but buttery like you get with orange/ lemon curd . Really yummy I could smell it around the house the following morning.

Then day2 was little pink mittens which smell spicy bubblegum but when warmed and melted you get the hot toddy affect and the bubble gum disappears.

Day 3 smells omg drop dead gorgeous. Chocolate,caramel,buttery,like when you open a tin of chocolate smells fab but when melted you get the true aroma .

Day5 glittering snowflakes. Vanilla ,brown sugar ,

Day 6 winter pud caramel pear Betty . Syrupy pears abit spicy and whipped cream and caramel sauce .

so what do you think  of my first week .

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