Monday, 17 December 2012

my candlewick green advent week 2 day 8-14

so for week 2 it got rather interesting straight away.
day 8 was ... South pole... .. the gentle side of freezing, snow, ice, hot porridge and icy winds  a white tart with red soaking through .

day9 was.. Star of wonder, gold frankincense and myrrh blended with lots of sandalwood , really unusual and my personal favourite this year.  very purple glittery with a star on top .

day10 was cute gentle gingerman -buttery gingerbread cookie,black cherries.
day 11 was traditional christmas ,xmas spice,holly berries,myrrh,cinnamon heart on top.
day 12 was snowball north pole fragrence several mints and eucalyptus, and glitter.

day 13 was angels halo pink in colour pink in scent. pink candy,pink sugar ,pink blossom,pink fruits.

day 14  hot cinnamon buns mmm yummy 

so this was my second week and I'm really falling in love these scents omg  so good. have any of you used these or similar companies.
see you next week for my 3 rd week. bye for now.

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