Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The chocolate tasting clubelements selection

The chocolate tasting club from hotel chocolate.
I gave up on graze food box and decided to stick with all the monthly beauty boxes but I decided that I wanted to try something else as well for a
Although I don't eat chocolate every week I thought I would sample these tasting
Boxes as they will take over a month to eat.
So it's sold on the most innovative tasting club in the's why,

We create entirely new boxes every 4 weeks,as a member YOU decide if you want it or not YOUR can choose between every 4,8,12, weeks
you can alternate between selections whenever you like and cancel when ever you like.
 We let members tell us what we think by giving us a score card on every selection.and this also helps what chocolate makes it into hotel chocolate stores.
most boxes are £16.00 plus £3.95p&p
So you can choose between classic selection,all milk selection,elements selection.dark selection,
Purists selection,trio selection,the quarterly fortified selection.

So mine is here
i chose the all milk collection
all included was this munch and nibble  box of chocolate covered nuts.
the various boxes on offer.
special collection boxes through out the year.
so I'm happy to test these out for a year and tell you all about them. do any of you have these tasting boxes or can you recommend any other boxes of food.

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