Sunday, 30 December 2012

my lush haul december

so i popped in to my new local lush store thats just opened a few weeks back and brought some more staples .
as i saw they had some good chunks of saltarna of soap with minimal fruit i grabbed 500g £14.48 thats been bagged up and stashed .this is so moisturising this creams and lathers well.coconut,currants,apricots,cranberries,bergamot all blend to make this one of the best soaps and i always stock up on snow cake soap at xmas too.

and as they had midnight massage bars left in the sale i grabbed one of those to.
i love the devinci clock aspect to this bar,i love its in a quince shape mot as many think a pear and its covered in lustre,and smells blimmin good.jasmine,shea butters,quince fruit,olive,and figs,vanilla this not a sweet smelling massage bar but a very deep sensual smell.

not much as i placed an order over the phone for xmas sale and got through after 54 attempts more to follow on that order.

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