Friday, 14 December 2012

lush forum special perfume december 2012

so better late than never. we voted for our best perfumes on the lush limited forum, and was given th choice of ;
rose jam,£25   30ml
comforter £20  30ml.
twilight £25  30ml
big £22   30 ml
creamy candy  £18  30ml
snowcake £22   30ml

lush fest photo book £10

so i got the twilight for  a present for someone as i already have it.very deep strong lavender buy with malty undertones .stays strong on skin all day.

rose jam another one i already own but got a present. very kick in the nose deep rose but with a jammy sweet tone also very good all day on the skin.
next up comforter omg this is so much better than last time this is so rich ,potent,blackcurrant,think strong hot ribena .this has made my day as its the best version ,love it.better than the bubble bar.

snowcake wow this is even better than the last round also, just like the soap think having a bar of marzipan under your nose. but creamy .and not plasticy at all.

i am so happy these perfumes have been remade and far superia made than previous very happy.

we was also allowed to buy the lush fest photo book for £10 and its very well made and really glossy photos .lushfest was held in july and was very muddy but although the heavy rain was there fun was had by all.
few favourites pages-
have you tried the perfumes from lush what do you think of them .i love the solid perfumes as they are easy to throw in a bag .
lush please change the black bottles they leak and stops me buying more.

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