Sunday, 30 December 2012

Waitrose Xmas delights part 1

So it's that lovely time of the year where I grab some stuff from waitrose . 
So I gone for hestons range again still have a couple of orange puddings left , but this year got the figgy pudding . 
So this time it's this years version of the Xmas mince pies . 
Now I've got to say although last year I liked the puff pastry ones with pine sugar  puff pastry does not improve a mince pie . It has to to sweet or short pastry end of . 
So I got 2 boxes of 4 this year .
Now waitrose say of  these .
Dreaming of a white christmas my moreish mince pies come with a sachet of tangerine sugar for dusting on top . Ok so in these beauties are spiced shortcrust mince pies filled with rich mincemeat with lemon curd,rose water,apple juice .  
Now I find these are nice slightly warmed so the mixed spices really come out , they are deffinatly not your bulk standard mince pies quite opulent  really 
This is without the sugar so you see it
And this is best way warmed with the sugar and with a fork 
all in all much better than last years and cost 
£3.75 for 4 tell me have you tried these or the other things in his range what did you think .

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