Monday, 31 December 2012

Waitrose Xmas delights round 2

So hello again so far we had 2 of these festive hestons baked Alaska  This tasted amazing and was easy to cook up as well .
Delicious raspberry parfait incased in smooth dark chocolate ,covered in rich banana caramel parfait ,encased in light sponge and covered in light fluffy meringue .makes this a truly wonderful dessert.
For £12.99
All you have to do is remove it from the box and blowtorch all over to glaze if you have a grill you can pop it under there .
Leave for 20 mins we left for 30mins and have a drink and let your dinner rest and then slice and and enjoy .
I've got to say the chocolate could of been thinner . But the banana and caramel ice-cream was lovely and rich and made the dessert personally.