Saturday, 29 December 2012

my bargin of the day

so i popped into sainsburys today to get some bread and came out with his nip and fab set of body butters triple pack . my son uses the spot cream and heard good things about this company so thought
why not,

 full price is £3.50
half price sale on so it was £1.75
as lifted out of trolley end popped open so discounted again at till £1.00
so i got a mango smoothie dry skin body butter 50ml.energises the senses with a fruity scent.this does smell really fruity but not sickly .50ml
the next one is coconut latte body butter.nourishes the skin soothing and calming it.this was nice if the coconut was calmed down a touch it would be lovely,i found it a bit fake bounty chocolate smell.50ml
this was a pleasant surprise pistachio sundae nutty but creamy slight hint of pistachio .reaaly mellow and smoothed on the skin says it pampers the skin with an appetising aroma .so true.50ml
can't complain as it was an utter bargain.and will use them and give the coconut to the girls at work.
have you tried these butters what do youthink of them ,how do they fair to others on the market,please tell.
thankyou see you soon .


jenni said...

Wow what a bargain. I normally use body shop body butters they got a nice range, I haunt used nip + Fab but I might keep my eye out for this next time I'm at my local sainsburys! x

Ljs blog said...

They do a few different ones from Xmas gift range . I prefer lush massage bars and body butteto body shop . Worth a look at next time you in . I'm going Tuesday to my regular one so will look again